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Rob Parker: Russell Westbrook's Lakers Stint Has Greatly Damaged His Legacy

Chris Broussard: “Do you find this baffling that nobody wants a ‘Top 75’ player in Russell Westbrook?”

Rob Parker: “It’s shocking where he’s dipped in that if you look at his numbers in a vacuum and you didn’t watch last season you would say ‘what’s the issue?’ Most players would die to have these numbers but if you watched it with your own two eyes? He has a chance to be on five different teams in five years. He’s a former MVP! He broke one of the all-time records in the NBA with the triple-double and now he’s box office poison. NOBODY WANTS HIM! Can you imagine being Westbrook? He has been DAMAGED. He’s damaged goods! If he gets traded again and he doesn’t play well with the team he goes to, they’re a bottom feeder, don’t make the playoffs, and he’s hitting the side of the backboard again, people will go ‘what happened to Westbrook??’ I never watched him this closely as I did last year living in LA. Forget about the numbers, I’m talking about the eye test – I thought he was AWFUL. He missed bunnies at the basket, he hit the side of the basket on threes, he would pass up shots that he should take, he was fumbling with the ball… People will remember the triple-doubles and that he won an MVP, but if he gets traded again, next year could be his last season. Westbrook with the Lakers really damaged the way people look at him. People don’t look at him the same way despite the numbers. They look at him and say ‘he’s awful, you gotta get rid of him!’, ‘LeBron has to get rid of him!’, ‘the Lakers need to get rid of him!’ They [the fans] think he’s awful. He’s not nearly as revered by fans as he was prior to this.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Russell Westbrook’s disastrous season with the Lakers will have lasting effects on his legacy, as Rob believes it will forever tarnish the way NBA fans look at Westbrook’s career.

Check out the segment above as Parker details why he thinks Westbrook will become forever tied to the 2021/2022 Lakers, who will reportedly try hard to rid themselves of Westbrook this offseason.

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