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'Ya'll in Trouble': Emmanuel Acho Says the KC Chiefs Demise is Real

Emmanuel Acho: “Of the AFC playoff teams last year, I would submit that 5 of the 7 teams have gotten better or at least stayed the same. When I look at those AFC teams, the Bills at a minimum stayed the same, the Bengals definitely got better, the Ravens didn’t even make the playoffs last year and they have gotten better because they have gotten healthier… When you start to look at who the competition is for the Chiefs – the Raiders got better, Chargers got significantly better… I’m like ‘ay now, Chiefs, ya’ll in trouble.' The only competitive team in the AFC that got worse outside the Chiefs was the Titans because they lost AJ Brown. The Colts will have a better quarterback in Matt Ryan. The Denver Broncos have gotten better. EVERYBODY in the AFC has gotten better and the Chiefs have clearly gotten worse, there is no other way to slice it. When you lose Tyreek Hill, who is a 5 or 6-time Pro Bowl-caliber player, you get worse. If the Chiefs have gotten worse and everyone competitive has gotten better, ohhhh it’s going to be hard for the Chiefs this year.”

Watch Emmanuel Acho explain why the ‘demise is real’ for the Kansas City Chiefs heading into the 2022/2023 season, as Acho thinks the Chiefs are arguably the only contender in the league besides the Titans who have gotten worse during the offseason.

Check out the video above as Acho details why he thinks the Chiefs will be in a world of hurt this year without Tyreek Hill. (Full Segment Below)

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