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Clay Travis Blasts LeBron James For His 'Dumb' Brittney Griner Comments

LeBron James: "Now, how can she feel like America has her back? I would be feeling like, 'Do I even want to go back to America?'"

Clay Travis: “LeBron is not very intelligent when he talks about anything but basketball, and there’s been this desperate attempt to try and make LeBron James into the modern-day Mohammad Ali. Brittney Griner broke Russian law and she has since pled guilty to breaking Russian law. I want her to be out of Russia like I want every American citizen who is being punished for breaking Russian law out of Russian prison and back into the United States, but she traveled in Russia by her own acknowledgment with prohibited substances. Use this as a PSA: if you go to a foreign country, as much as you might dislike the American justice system, it is the envy of justice systems around the world. Most of you will not be treated very well if you break the law of a country that you are visiting. Brittney Griner voted for Joe Biden; there is now a war between Ukraine and Russia, I believe because Joe Biden is President. I’ve said for a long time I don’t think Vladimir Putin would have invaded Russia if Donald Trump were still President, but what LeBron is saying makes no sense. America hasn’t really done anything wrong that led to Brittney Griner being put in prison in Russia. She chose to go to Russia. If you look at what Donald Trump did for the UCLA basketball players who were arrested for stealing things in China, and if you look at what Trump did when it came to A$AP Rocky in Sweden, I think Trump would have gotten personally involved, and if he were still President I think Brittney Griner would already be back in America. The idea that Brittney Griner shouldn’t come back to America, which is what LeBron said, because of how this country has treated her, where is she going to go? Does LeBron think that she should stay in Russia? Does he think she should go to some other European country and they would have taken care of her better? It’s so dumb what LeBron is arguing. Remember, LeBron carried water for China, he ‘shut and dribbled’ for Chairman Xi, but this is not only LeBron’s stupidity, this is everybody who works on ‘The Shop.’ They all got to watch the outtakes, they all got to edit this entire episode, and they decided that LeBron saying that he might not come back to America if he had gotten arrested in Russia for violating Russian law because America wouldn’t have done enough to get him back to America sooner is pure nonsense, pure balderdash, and emblematic of LeBron when he talks about anything other than basketball he typically doesn’t make much sense at all. This attempted lionization of LeBron James to turn him into a modern-day Mohammad Ali has been so transparently a failure that every time LeBron opens his mouth to speak on emotionally and politically charged issues he just ends up tripping all over himself.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage call out LeBron James for his recent controversial remarks regarding the Russian detainment of Brittney Griner that saw LeBron say how he doesn’t know why Griner would want to come back to a United States that doesn’t ‘have her back.’

Check out the segment above as Clay details why he thinks LeBron is not very intelligent when it comes to his public opinions on politically charged topics.

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