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Clay Travis Calls Out the Hypocrisy of LeBron Calling Boston Fans 'Racist'

Clay Travis: “Every time LeBron talks about something other than basketball he ends up looking dumb. LeBron said ‘Boston fans are racist as f***.’ I gotta give credit to Kendrick Perkins, ESPN analyst, he said ‘there is racism everywhere. I spent 8.5 years there and maybe it’s because I was on the Celtics, but I didn’t experience racism.’ He says Boston fans can be ‘aggressive and go overboard’ but he doesn’t agree with the fact they are racist. ‘The fans in Boston do cross the line and hit below the belt when it comes to being disrespectful', but he says he’s never dealt with racism in Boston. Then Kendrick Perkins made a really perceptive and salient point. He said ‘Hey, LeBron, if you think Boston fans are ‘racist AF’ then why would you want to have ownership in an organization with a city that is racist? You own a percentage of the Boston Red Sox.’ His perspective is a smart one. Kendrick Perkins asked of LeBron James ‘do we overlook the bigger picture when it actually comes to making money? If we’re going to sit on here on one hand and say the fans of Boston are racist, but on the other hand you own a percentage of the Boston Red Sox, I am kind of confused in that aspect.’ There is an awful lot of sense made by Kendrick Perkins there. Wait a minute, LeBron, Boston fans are super ‘racist’, but you own a substantial portion of the Boston Red Sox? Aren’t you rewarding the very racism that you claim to not be able to respect?” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Clay Travis discuss the hypocrisy behind LeBron James' recent blast at Boston fans calling them ‘racist as f***’, and the blowback LeBron received from former Celtics player Kendrick Perkins, as both Perkins and Clay pointed out the irony of LeBron calls Boston fans ‘racist’, while also being a part-owner of the Boston Red Sox.

Check out the segment above as Clay mocks LeBron for another one of his viral zingers, saying ‘every time LeBron talks about something other than basketball he ends up looking dumb.’

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