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Jason Whitlock Says 'Woke Media' is Protecting Lamar Jackson From Criticism

Jason Whitlock: “Is Lamar Jackson the next Cam Newton? And if he is the next Cam Newton, I’m going to tell you why that is. It’s because corporate media, ESPN, liberal media, and woke media wants to protect Lamar Jackson from criticism. ESPN won’t even allow an authentic, real conversation about Lamar Jackson because ESPN had been so feminized, and so ‘wokenized’, and so liberalized that they’re afraid to talk about Lamar Jackson because he’s a Black quarterback and he’s a special kind of Black quarterback. You can criticize Patrick Mahomes, he’s half-Black, half-White. You can criticize Russell Wilson because he’s too prim and proper to get the ‘full Black status treatment’ that the NFL reserves for Lamar Jackson. You can criticize Deshaun Watson now because he’s got all these rape allegations, but before that you couldn’t touch him. Lamar Jackson lives in a protected bubble that Cam Newton lived in where people were afraid to criticize Cam Newton out of fear of being called ‘racist.’ That bubble that is there allegedly to protect Lamar Jackson could potentially cripple Lamar Jackson the same way it crippled Cam Newton. We throw a pity party for Black people and Black quarterbacks, and pity doesn’t pay any bills. We die by pity. They’re going to kill Lamar Jackson with pity and excuses.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock call out the ‘woke media’ for continuing to try to silence and destroy Lamar Jackson critics, as Whitlock says ESPN goes out of their way to protect Jackson from all criticism on their shows.

Former Ravens player Bernard Pollard was attacked on social media this week after he made a tweet saying elite wide receivers don’t want to play alongside Jackson in Baltimore because Jackson can’t ‘make the throws’, and thus why the Ravens have failed to bring in any Pro Bowl-caliber free agent WR's since Jackson was drafted in 2018.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why the sports media has become so 'woke' that they’re afraid to even offer fair criticism of a Black quarterback anymore, with doubters simply being dismissed as racists.

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