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Rob Parker on Trey Lance Starting: 'Niners Have No Clue What They're Doing'

Chris Broussard: “San Francisco is going to try and trade Jimmy Garroppolo and he won’t battle with Trey Lance… What are your thoughts?”

Rob Parker: “IT’S A MISTAKE! THE SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THEY’RE DOING! C’MON, CHRIS! I get it, you traded up, you drafted Trey Lance and you’ve got high hopes for him, but you were almost in the Super Bowl for the second time with Jimmy Garoppolo. Those are FACTS, not feelings. You might not like it but he almost got you to the Super Bowl. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH TREY LANCE SITTING DOWN ONE MORE YEAR! AARON RODGERS DIDN’T PLAY FOR THREE YEARS BECAUSE THEY HAD BRETT FAVRE. FOR THREE FREAKIN’ YEARS HE SAT THERE, AND LOOK AT WHAT HE TURNED INTO! FORGET ABOUT WHERE YOU DRAFTED TREY LANCE. POPPYCOCK! BALDERDASH! JORDAN LOVE WAS DRAFTED AND THEY TRADED UP TO GET HIM TO BE THE HEIR APPARENT, AND GUESS WHAT – WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TWO YEARS WITH AARON RODGERS ON THE ROSTER? AARON RODGERS WON THE NFL MVP! I’m not saying Jimmy Garoppolo is Aaron Rodgers, but he’s been a productive quarterback who has won, and you can’t just pooh-pooh that and act like ‘oh, well, we’ve got the young guy and he’s gotta get in there no matter what.’ MAKE HIM WAIT! You got a year left with Jimmy Garoppolo under contract, make Trey Lance wait. I’ll give you numbers from last year: Garoppolo was 6th in completion percentage, 9th in passer rating, 2nd in yard per attempt, 1st in yards per completion, he has a 33-14 career record as a starter, over 3,800 passing yards with over 20 touchdowns in two of the last three years, and he has a higher red zone completion percentage than Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson, and Kyler Murray. The 49ers are 31-14 with Garoppolo starting, and they averaged 25.3 offensive points per game last season when Garoppolo started, compared to 16.5 in the two games that Lance started as a rookie. I’m not saying Lance is a bust or he can’t play, I’m saying PUMP THE BRAKES, give your team who is ready to win NOW a chance. How many top picks have we not seen succeed in the NFL? A ton. It ain’t an exact science, so when you have something that works you should stick with it unless they think Trey Lance is the guy, and I don’t think they believe that and that’s why they didn’t make the move last year.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Rob Parker explain why he thinks the 49ers made a massive mistake on Tuesday when they officially named Trey Lance the starting quarterback over Jimmy Garoppolo, who the franchise has openly admitted is now on the trading block.

Check out the segment above as Rob says the Niners have ‘no clue what they’re doing’, and says they should have let Garoppolo play out the rest of his contract this year and see if they could run it back to the NFC Championship.

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