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Jason Whitlock: Brian Flores is a 'Snitch' Who Hurt Cause For Black Coaches

Jason Whitlock: “Here is what we learned in the NFL’s investigation into the Miami Dolphins: Brian Flores is a snitch who embraced the identity of a victim. He hurt the cause of Black coaches… THAT’S the takeaway. Sure, the NFL found the Dolphins guilty of tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton, and docked the franchise two Draft picks, but the wrongdoing of Dolphins owner Stephen Ross isn’t the story here, Flores is. He looks weak and untrustworthy. He admitted in a statement that he wrote a letter complaining to other Miami executives that Ross wanted him to lose games in 2019 to improve Miami’s draft position… that’s a snitch move. He wouldn’t get on board with Ross’ decision to acquire Tom Brady… that’s insubordination. I don’t blame Ross for firing Flores, he can’t be trusted. You can’t trust a man who sees himself as a victim. The ‘victim mentality’ is the greatest enemy of Black men and Black coaches. This idiot thinks "I'm going to write a letter to Stephen Ross' other employees telling them that Stephen Ross wants me to lose games and I'm going to tattle on the owner"... This is the by-product of a victim mentality, that Brian Flores sees himself as a victim, and a by-product of 'people owe me because I'm a victim.' So it doesn't matter that Stephen Ross owns the team; I'm Brian Flores, I'm Black, I'm a victim, and I don't have to submit to the will, the vision, and the desires of ownership. Those NFL jobs are so rare, there are only 32, and when someone gives you that you owe them something. This whole victimhood mentality and this whole racial idolatry thing that we have bought into is all poisonous because it creates idiots where 'the man who gave me my dream job and millions of dollars to execute the dream job, I don't owe him anything. I'm Brian Flores, I'm Black, I'm King Kong, I'm the greatest thing in the world, I don't have to fall in line behind ownership.' This is the stupid, naive, and foolish mentality that we are making pervasive among Black men and Black people. That's why we have so many Black employees sitting on a job thinking they can do whatever it is they want to do because 'I'm a victim, I'm special, there's nothing you can do about it, I'm Black, if you do anything I'm going to accuse you of racism, and the whole world is going to come down on you.' And we wonder why NFL owners are leary about hiring Black coaches when this is our mentality, and when everybody in the media jumps on board with that mentality. If I'm an NFL owner, I would rather take my chances with a White coach who will not turn around and spit in my face if I ask him to do something that slightly violates his integrity." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock blast former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores for being a ‘snitch’ after the NFL concluded its investigation into the Dolphins on allegations that Flores was being offered large sums of money to tank games.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why the NFL’s investigation into the Dolphins, which also revealed serious instances of tampering with Sean Payton and Tom Brady, made Flores look ‘weak’ and ‘untrustworthy’, and a guy just trying to capitalize on being a victim, with Whitlock adding that Flores 'hurt the cause for Black coaches.'

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