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Jason Whitlock: Brittney Griner Receiving 'Special Treatment' From US Gov't

Jason Whitlock: “If Brittney Griner were heterosexual and just the average White or Black girl over in Russia we wouldn’t be talking about giving up an arms dealer and maybe throwing in a murderer in Germany. She would be getting treated like Paul Whelan, who has been sitting in a Russian prison for many years without us offering up arms dealers and murderers from around the country. It’s the fact that she’s a woman, she’s gay, and that she’s Black that we’re even offering up these people in this trade. I think that bothers people because they’re sitting there saying ‘well, hold on, I’m not Black, I’m not gay, I’m not a woman so they wouldn’t be making this deal for me’, and I think that rightfully bothers a lot of people and makes them indifferent. This is like the scourge, or the unintended consequences, or maybe the intended consequences of all this identity politics. Russia knew exactly who they were targeting. They wanted the Black, gay, woman because our culture has placed a high value [on them]… this is why Stacey Abrams and any other Black lesbian is being positioned as the greatest thing since sliced bread, and it puts more political pressure on the Biden administration to do a deal that will jeopardize the safety of Americans all over the world who are traveling in countries with adversarial relationships with America. Now everybody is in jeopardy, including women. Twenty years ago, Russia would never do this to a woman. They’ll lock up men, and marines, and people like that unfairly, but some random woman? No dice. It’s like the mafia, leave women and children out of it, but the whole feminist movement has said ‘women are fair game too’, and they’re right in there with John McCain, so Brittney Griner is paying the price for that.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock explain why he thinks Brittney Griner is receiving preferential treatment from the United States government as it pertains to negotiations for Griner's release from Russian custody.

Check out the video above as Whitlock details why he doesn’t believe the US would be offering up so much in a prisoner swap with Russia if Griner was ‘heterosexual or just the average White or Black girl.’

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