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Doug Gottlieb Calls a Lamar Jackson Guaranteed Contract 'Bad Business'

Doug Gottlieb: “No one disputes that he’s going to get a new contract with the Baltimore Ravens. They’re not going to let a guy they drafted in the first round at 32, and an MVP of the NFL who they built the entire offense around, walk. He’s going to get a new deal but it is bad business to give a guy who runs the football more than any quarterback in modern football history $250 million guaranteed. I understand that Deshaun Watson’s $250 million is the bar, but the team can sit there and go ‘that’s an outlier contract, everybody agrees it’s a bad contract, and oh, by the way, that’s Deshaun’s third contract, not his second like yours, and it was only because he had leverage of multiple teams offering deals and the Browns had to top themselves.’ Lamar believes if you don’t offer him $250 million guaranteed, then you don’t love Lamar. Like, we love you, we just don’t love you for $250 million guaranteed for five years. Bro, the likelihood of injury is much higher for Lamar Jackson than it is for most any other quarterback in the NFL. It’s like ‘WELL, THEN HE WON’T RUN!’ Well, he’s the best runner we’ve ever seen… ‘WELL, HE DOESN’T TAKE THE HITS OF CAM NEWTON!’ Well, lots of guys don’t take hits but then non-contact injuries… And by the way, right now you can’t hit him because he’s too quick, and he’s too athletic – three years from now will it still be the same? Probably not. Guys don’t get faster, everybody else does. This is where you need an agent [Lamar doesn’t have one], because then the agent can go ‘look, they love ya but they want to give you three years guaranteed -- huge money, and the other two years they’ll tack on whatever, and as long as you’re healthy, and as long as you keep improving, then you get a new deal.’ A five-year deal would go on the back of the fifth year this year, so it would be six years guaranteed. And oh yea, NEWS FLASH: Lamar Jackson didn’t have a good year last year! Lamar Jackson has been terrific but it would be bad business to give him $250 million guaranteed.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks it would be ‘bad business’ for the Ravens to give in to Lamar Jackson’s demands for a $250+ million guaranteed contract extension, as the four-year veteran sits at a dithering time in his career waiting for his first big deal.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why Deshaun Watson’s $250 million guaranteed deal with Cleveland isn’t comparable to Lamar’s, and why Jackson’s long-term potential is a major concern for the Ravens.

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