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Jason Whitlock Calls BYU/Duke Volleyball Racial Slur Story a 'Scam'

Jason Whitlock: “This scheme they hatched to install Rachel Richardson – because that’s what I believe it is at this point – this is an orchestrated scheme and everybody is in on it. They had this woman on ‘Outside the Lines’ on ESPN selling this myth. There is no proof, there is no evidence, the game is on TV, she had no reaction, but they have her on ‘Outside the Lines’ like she survived a kidnapping attempt, or the KKK came to lynch her and she survived and fought them off… [Plays Rachel Richardson segment from Outside the Lines]: This is a damn commercial; they set this thing to music. This is a shake-down. I’m starting to think that maybe this ‘A Long Talk’ organization may be in on this. Her godmother, whose Twitter feed was filled with racist stuff, is the one who started all this and she’s the real racist in all of this and it’s backed up by the racist things she was saying on her Twitter feed. She is far more racist than whoever this anonymous person is at BYU. This feels like an orchestrated scam when setting this women’s comments to music and it’s like a movie being played. ‘i DIDN'T wAnT To meET AngEr wITH aNgEr, I JuSt wANTed to SmeaR AlL oF bYu aS rACiST, and PainT eVerybOdY TheRe AS ANIMaLIsTIc peOpLe ThAT FoR TWo HoUrs YeLled RacIAl SLUrS At Me AnD NO ONE dId ANYtHing, bUT I dIdn'T MEET TheIR angeR wITH ANGer,  I went THe paSsive rOUTE AnD jUsT DeStroYeD EveRYBODy. i Am kHaleEsI, moTHEr oF DRaGonS, thIs is aNOThER episode OF gAme Of thRONeS BroUghT tO YOu By espn.’” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he thinks the women’s volleyball story involving a Duke player alleging that BYU fans yelled the n-word at her during their match was an ‘orchestrated scam.’

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he doesn’t believe Rachel Richardson’s story, as surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts haven’t been able to verify her claims yet to this point.

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