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Clay Travis: Story About Racial Slur at Duke/BYU Volleyball Game Seems Fake

Clay Travis: “The acceptance that BYU had racist fans who were taunting a Black Duke volleyball player has been totally accepted by the media and there isn’t a shred of actual corroborating evidence that this ever occurred. There’s no footage and there’s no audio. If there were over 5,000 fans present at a BYU volleyball game and someone in the crowd was screaming racial slurs loud enough to be heard on the volleyball court by at least one player, wouldn’t there be video of this? Everyone in there pretty much has a phone in their hands. The surest way to go viral in one of your videos iw by finding someone behaving inappropriately and immediately putting it up on social media. Why is there such a demand to believe these stories that we don’t require any investigations at all? More often than not these stories collapse when people ask questions. So far it appears that the media treated this story as truth, completely maligned BYU, and now it seems based on all of the evidence being analyzed that this just didn’t happen. If there is at some point going to be audio or video that emerges that proves that this was going on, then certainly it shouldn’t occur. You should not use racial slurs, PERIOD. But similarly, we shouldn’t create stories without there being evidence to support it, and use it to attack BYU and everyone affiliated with BYU when there is no evidence that it actually occurred at all… It upsets many left-wing outlets if this story is not true. They want it to be true and they are desperately hoping that it’s true, and when the evidence around it collapses they’ll just pretend that the story went away. They won’t inform their audience of what the actual truth is, and that is an utter failure on behalf of the sports media.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage explain why he believes the story of the Duke volleyball player allegedly getting racial slurs screamed at her while serving during an away game against BYU is collapsing, and why he thinks it’s another indictment on the sports media for running with a racially charged story that lacks any truth.

Duke sophomore Rachel Richardson, the only Black starter on the Blue Devils, alleged that a fan in attendance was hurling racial slurs at her during the match, however, there is zero evidence at this time to support that claim, either on video or from any eyewitnesses in a stadium that had 5,000 fans in attendance. A BYU fan was ejected during the match but surveillance video shows the man never yelled any racial slurs.

Check out the segment above as Clay has trouble believing this story to be accurate.

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