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Clay Travis Compares Duke/BYU Volleyball Racism Story to Jussie Smollett

Clay Travis: “South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley has been very successful as a women’s basketball coach, but her decision to pull her women’s basketball series against BYU over the BYU volleyball incident is completely indefensible. There has been zero corroborating evidence at all from any of the 5,700 people who were inside that BYU volleyball game against Duke that any racial slurs were uttered by anyone during the entire match between BYU and Duke. All of the evidence suggests that this story is made up, and that it is Jussie Smollett on a volleyball court. You know the evidence supports that this is all made up because there hasn’t been a single video – and you know just about every single person would have a phone in that audience, and there is no audio that can be heard anywhere. The allegation that racial slurs were being used while a women's Black volleyball player was serving appeared to be 100% made up. There is zero substance to support it other than this girl claiming it. Despite that fact, Dawn Staley decided that she would not allow her women’s basketball program to play a home-and-home series against BYU because of the mere allegation unsupported by corroborating evidence that someone may have used a racial slur inside a women’s volleyball game. This is indefensible. This is social justice warrior posturing. This is social media absurdity. This is the problem with mob rule in a woke universe. This decision is ultimately going to harm BYU’s basketball players who had nothing to do with this incident at all… Don’t use fake racism allegations to destroy BYU’s reputation, and their opportunity to be able to play against South Carolina, an elite basketball program that Dawn Staley has built. When a powerful person like Dawn Staley makes a choice like this then call them out and hold them accountable. The University of South Carolina should be embarrassed by this behavior. I’d be inclined to sue if I was BYU because your program is losing out based on this decision. I know what they’re probably saying inside of BYU, they’re probably saying ‘we don’t want to prolong this story any more than it’s already existed’ but I disagree here. If your fan base was not in the wrong and they didn’t do what the media overwhelmingly reported that they did, then you need to stand up for your fan base and fight for them. File a lawsuit and actually make Dawn Staley explain what her basis is for this decision, and I think South Carolina would lose because I don’t believe that the evidence would support South Carolina being able to just break an existing contract with BYU. We got to stop with this ridiculous identity politics where we decide whether we believe someone or not based on their race, gender, sexuality, whatever it might be… There’s a reason Lady Justice is blind, and lest we forget Duke has already had major stories like these blow up in their faces when they’ve made this decision before. Do you remember Duke Lacrosse? They shut down the program and it turned out the Duke lacross guys were 100% telling the truth and that all of the allegations against them were lies. Now you have a Black woman claiming that a racial slur was used against her and people are only believing her because of her race and her gender, and not in any way believing what the evidence suggests.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Clay Travis call out South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley for canceling their home-and-home series vs. BYU because of an incident last month that saw a Duke volleyball player allege that a BYU fan was yelling racial slurs at her during a match at BYU’s arena.

Check out the segment above as Clay rips Staley for failing to follow the developments of the incident, as Clay notes all the evidence to this point makes the recollection of events appear like ‘Jussie Smollett on the volleyball court’ as surveillance audio and eyewitness testimony has failed to back up Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson’s claims.

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