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Jason Whitlock Says Joe Burrow is Suffering From 'Colin Kaepernick Disease'

Jason Whitlock: “I hope I’m wrong about Joe Burrow… My tweets analogizing Burrow to Josh Rosen and Robert Griffin III were not written with malicious intent, they reflect my gut instincts at the moment. They reflected the reality that sometimes young quarterbacks trip over their own egos and sabotage their career. Joe Burrow has some of the same personality quirks and characteristics of Rosen, Griffin III, Newton, and Kaepernick… Does Joe Burrow have the right attitude? Is Burrow too cocky for his own good? Has he prioritized social justice virtue-signaling above football greatness? Is Joe Burrow suffering from ‘Colin Kaepernick Disease'? The disease killed Josh Rosen in the football womb. The UCLA QB entered the league with the stated goal of being a social justice champion, and complaining about the nine teams that didn’t draft him in the first round. He lasted one season as a starter in Arizona. ‘Kaepernick Disease’ is a deadly form of arrogance, shallowness, narcissism,  and wokeness. The disease is triggered when agents, handlers, and media influencers convince young athletes that their mission is to become ‘more than an athlete.’ The disease has been around a little more than a decade. Scientists believe the virus leaked from a laboratory in Portland, Oregon, years ago when Nike executives at the behest of China, developed a formula to make LeBron James the next Mohammad Ali. The leak sparked a pandemic across football and basketball. An early symptom of the disease was a desire to kneel during the National Anthem. New variants of 'Kaepernick Disease' cause athletes to speak out on political issues they know very little about. Joe Burrow recently posted on Instagram about abortion, and about the Supreme Court’s decision to return Roe vs. Wade. In June he urged politicians to get those crazy guns off the street. Back in 2020 during the summer of George Floyd Burrow and his Bengals teammates made a joint statement standing in front of the National Underground Railroad museum. There is no doubt Burrow has at least a mild form of Kap’s Disease. It’s not just the wokeness, it’s the arrogance and flamboyance; those are the other tell-tale signs of Kap Disease. Arrogance and flamboyance destroyed Cam Newton and RG III… Burrow wants to be ‘more than an athlete’, he wants to be a fashionista, he wants to engage in political discussions. He’s distracted and cocky and is headed down the same path of Rosen, Newton, Griffin, and Kaepernick. Joe Burrow should focus solely on football right now. He can be a runway model and uninformed political pundit in his 40s. Now is the time to be a great quarterback.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain his theory on why he believes Joe Burrow’s star is beginning to fade in Cincinnati, as Whitlock outlines why he thinks a ‘woke’ Burrow has been diagnosed with ‘Colin Kaepernick Disease’.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why Burrow is heading down the same destructive path as Kaepernick, Josh Rosen, Cam Newton, and Robert Griffin III.

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