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Doug Gottlieb: Tom Brady Cares More About the Bucs Than Fixing His Marriage

Photo: Jim Rogash

Doug Gottlieb: “There’s lots of ways to kill time on the honey-do list for Gisele, but do you know what Tom Brady did? He didn’t take her to a fancy dinner, he didn’t go to a movie, he didn’t go for a walk on the beach, he didn’t dust, he.... practiced. To me that is ‘BALL IS LIFE’, that is ‘NO DAYS OFF’, but it does feel like a [makes raspberry noise] to Gisele, doesn’t it? Wednesday was supposed to be the personal day, the ‘veteran day’, for the Buccaneers, and Tom Brady wasn’t supposed to practice. It feels like there was a promise: ‘I’m going to go back and play, I get to do the family vacation, and then Wednesdays are off. Wednesdays you stay in bed, I’ll take the kids to school, I’ll make the lunches, I got it!' I’m sure Gisele said ‘tomorrow is your day off, you can watch The Bachelorette finale with me!’ But then Gisele was like ‘Where were you this weekend??’ ‘Well, we play the Packers this weekend…’ ‘BUT YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO BE HOME!’ ‘Well, we play the Packers this weekend… I don’t have Mike Evans, I don’t have Gronk, Chris Godwin is out, I don’t even know these wide receivers’ last names.  I’d love to dust, make a Home Depot run, or walk the beaches in Tampa, but gosh, you do know we play Aaron Rodgers??’ ‘BUT YOU TOLD ME YOU HAD THE DAY OFF!’ ‘Okay, NEXT week. We will do Bed, Bad, and Beyond, we will do Home Depot, and watch The Bachelorette next weekend. Oh, we play Kansas City? Okay, maybe the FOLLOWING week when we play Atlanta!’… I love Tom Brady, but we don’t need an update from anybody inside or outside the Bucs building, I think we know his marital status, don’t we??... It feels more like this thing is in bad shape, and Tom is not exactly trying to fix it. When you’re more interested in fixing your offense than you are your marriage it tells us what you think of your marriage.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss the news of Tom Brady returning to practice on Wednesday for the Bucs, despite previous reports that the Buccaneers were inserting a special ‘veteran day’ excused absence every Wednesday to accommodate Brady supposedly needing more time off with his family.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb expresses concern about whether Brady cares about fixing the Bucs offense more than he does fixing his own marriage.

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