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Doug Gottlieb on Trey Lance: 'Sunday Was the End of Trey Lance With Niners'

Doug Gottlieb: “I think yesterday [Sunday] was the end of Trey Lance with the Niners. I know you’re like ‘God, Gottlieb, that’s so harsh!’ I don’t make the rules of the NFL, I’m just telling you the reality. Maybe next year he gets a shot to fight to be a starter… MAYBE. But think about it, it wasn’t like he blew everyone out of the water in terms of his preparation and performance in the preseason.  Last year he was very, very ‘green’, he was a project guy, and he only played one year in college because of the COVID year. But it wasn’t like he was so good, of course they’ll get rid of Jimmy Garoppolo, they have the guy. Nobody said that and nobody said that for a reason. So you factor in nobody knows how good he is, he’s still inexperienced and next year he’s going to be equally inexperienced, and now he’s coming off an injury? One of the reasons the Niners wanted to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo was because he’s always hurt. This only works one of two ways: Garoppolo is not great and they move on from him at the end of the season, but they’re going to go after another quarterback. OR Jimmy Garoppolo is good, Jimmy gets his job back, he re-signs, and Trey Lance is his backup and still develops. Next year is year three and they have to decide whether they want to pick up the fifth year. The days of him being handed the starting quarterback job with the Niners ended yesterday [Sunday] with that injury. That’s the reality of the league, that’s the reality of where he is as a player, how he’s performed to date, and having an injury at this point in the season. That’s the last you’ll see of Trey Lance of the starting quarterback of the Niners without some sort of fight during training camp or another injury.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Doug Gottlieb discuss the ramifications of Trey Lance’s season-ending ankle injury that has not only rejuvenated the career of Jimmy Garoppolo but perhaps even resurrected the entire season for a 49ers team who got embarrassed in Week 1 by the lowly Bears.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why he believes Lance’s injury will have dire consequences for his future in the NFL.

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