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Colin Cowherd Says Aaron Rodgers 'Ghosted' Packers During Blowout Loss

Colin Cowherd: “When Aaron Rodgers loses Davante Adams you have to develop patience. Christian Watson drops a big-time throw to start the game that would have been a touchdown. He dropped it because he’s a rookie. Then rookie Romeo Doubs had a miscommunication with Aaron early – and what did he do with both of them? Patience? Understanding? No, he ghosted them. Christian Watson didn’t get another look until the fourth quarter. Matt LaFleur had to create reverses for both the rookie wide receivers because Aaron decided ‘I’m not going to you.’ That’s why AJ Dillon had so many catches, and the tight end had so many catches, Aaron went back to what he’s comfortable with. Eye-rolling, bad body language; once Aaron realized he was trailing, it was the fourth quarter, he was running out of time, and he had no choice, THEN he goes back to the kids. The young receivers dropped a throw, of course, they did, it’s a big spot, you’re on the road… Pro Bowlers drop passes. Christian Watson, first NFL game, he made a mistake, he’s a kid. Romeo Doubs had some communication – he played at Nevada and didn’t even play at a major conference. It’s the Packers, it’s Aaron Rodgers, you’re on the road, you can’t hear, the Vikings are good… This was the fastest game those young receivers had ever played in. Aaron has always had trust issues. He had trust issues with his family, the media, the vaccine… That’s well-documented, and he’s also had major trust issues with wide receivers. We saw it in the playoff game vs. the 49ers, he wouldn’t throw to anyone but Davante Adams. You gotta bake this in, they’re kids! They’ve never played in an NFL game. He GHOSTED them, and has been doing this to friends for years.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd call out Aaron Rodgers for ‘ghosting’ the Packers’ rebuilt post-Davante Adams wide receiver corps during their blowout loss in Week 1 to the Vikings, as Rodgers posted an ugly 16.1 QBR score with zero touchdowns and just 195 passing yards.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he could see this coming from Rodgers, whose ‘trust’ issues with family, teammates, coaches, vaccines, etc. have always been well-documented.

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