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'They Have Major Problems': Colin Cowherd Says Packers Aren't a Top 10 Team

Colin Cowherd: “Tampa Bay was missing their top 3 wide receivers – all of them great – and their left tackle Donovan Smith, and came within one play of going to overtime. I’ve seen Green Bay play one healthy good team this year and they got crushed. They beat low-watted Chicago that can’t complete passes. Tampa’s quarterback is going through a marriage crisis, their top three weapons are out in a weapons league, their left tackle Donovan Smith is out, and that came down to one play? Green Bay has got to be concerned. How in the hell did Tampa Bay have more first downs, more passing first downs, better on fourth, and more passing yards; how is that possible?? Green Bay has been reduced to winning one way – beating injury-riddled teams or teams that can’t score, and in Tampa’s case they’re both. If you take Aaron Jones and Allen Lazard out of the Packers and Tampa was healthy would that game be close? I have seen the media fawn over this organization the last two years, I contend do we still know if Matt LaFleur is a great coach? He’s beaten the Bears and the Lions, I don’t know if he’s a great coach. He’s barely above .500 against the Vikings, he can’t beat the Niners, yesterday was the first time they beat Brady and it was an ‘almost.’ Green Bay has scored three points in the second half combined in the last two games, so if it’s not on-script Aaron doesn’t trust young receivers to ad-lib and make stuff up, it’s obvious. If you have Aaron Rodgers and in two back-to-back games you’ve had one field goal, you got yourself a problem here. In game 1 Aaron ghosted the rookie receivers, in game 2 afterward said he wasn’t going to change, and did you see what happened yesterday? His team fumbled in the first half; after that Aaron eye-rolled it, got disappointed: 8 drives, 7 punts, most of them 4 plays. They had 92 yards after the fumble. Aaron rolled his eyes, Aaron is disappointed with a teammate, 'somebody let me down', 'I’m a victim', 'woe is me', and they just stopped playing offense. What this team needs at quarterback isn’t just talent, they need a mentor, they need patience. This team has major problems, I do not think they’re a top 10 team in this league.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the Green Bay Packers are a top 10 team in the NFL despite the Packers going on the road in Week 3 for perhaps the most impressive victory of the week vs. the undefeated Buccaneers.

Check out the segment above as Colin details how the Packers are a one-dimensional team who can only win one way, and a roster that desperately needs Aaron Rodgers to be a mentor.

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