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Colin Cowherd Has Conspiracy Theory on Bill Belichick 'Sabotaging' Patriots

Photo: Maddie Meyer

Colin Cowherd: “I don’t do conspiracy theories, I don’t believe in them. I’ve always had a theory about conspiracy theories – it’s less successful people who feel like society doesn’t pay enough attention to them so I’m going to come up with 'inside information' that nobody else has! I don’t buy them… BUT if you were a rich head coach with a $100 million net worth, the greatest coach ever, had your legacy, rings, and money, AND you really didn’t like the owner who in multiple books called you out and said you’re ‘impossible’ and ‘difficult’, and leaks that Belichick is ‘not a good guy’, and you thought ‘I’ve got my rings, I’ve got my house in Jupiter, Florida…’ IF I was into conspiracy theories there would be seven ways to leave on your terms and hand the owner a mess:
1. Tick off the greatest quarterback ever until he leaves.
2. Hire your kids on the staff.
3. Draft a very limited quarterback.
4. Spend a ton in free agency on players who don’t make a difference.
5. Re-hire guys who were disasters as head coaches on your staff [Joe Judge, Matt Patricia], so you have no heir apparent when you leave, and there’s nobody in the building that can be it, then assign them to roles they're not comfortable with.
6. Overdraft your first-round pick [Cole Strange].
7. Ruin the culture by letting players constantly leak stuff and don’t call them out.
Then at the end of the year retire and Robert Kraft goes ‘whaaaat do I do now?? I don’t have the speed! I don’t have the roster! I don’t have the quarterback! I don’t have the coaches in the building! I don’t have the culture!’ I don’t believe in conspiracy theories and I’m not saying this is true but it’s almost as if Belichick has already made his mind up and wants out. It’s the slowest roster, leaks everywhere, kids on the staff, re-hiring guys that bombed that you could never give the job to and giving them roles they’ll fail at, reaching on picks, spending on players who don’t make a difference… Wasn’t Belichick always a genius on in-league personnel? He spent $234 million on a bunch of guys who can’t run. Just saying, if I believed in conspiracy theories… Just to make it not so suspicious you have to occasionally win some games.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd float a conspiracy theory about how Bill Belichick is currently ‘sabotaging’ the Patriots organization to spite Robert Kraft, as Colin entertains the idea of Belichick pulling a fast one on the franchise before he retires.

Check out the segment above as Colin admits he’s not a big believer in conspiracy theories but presents these seven reasons why it ‘could’ be plausible.

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