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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Eric Bieniemy Isn’t an NFL Head Coach

Jason Whitlock: “The NBA, the NFL, all these live sports, all they are are TV shows. They’re no different from whatever your favorite TV show is right now. You know what they do on TV shows? They write people and characters in and out of the script. Eric Bieniemy, the alleged offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs, has been written out of the script. If you watched that Chiefs/Chargers game [in Week 1] Eric Bieniemy wasn’t discussed. Maybe I missed it, but if it was discussed it wasn’t discussed like it used to be. The whole Andy Reid and the Chiefs trying to promote Eric Bieniemy as the next great coaching legend, the heir to Tony Dungy’s throne, the heir to Vince Lombardi’s throne.. they weren’t talking about Eric Bieniemy. They weren’t flashing to the sidelines showing Eric Bieniemy pretending to call plays. Everything was about Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes, and Andy Reid calling plays and running that team. Eric Bieniemy has been de-emphasized because they’re done with him. They couldn’t pawn him off on another organization like they’ve tried the last three years so they’ve written him out of the script. All of that is controlled by the NFL teams. Andy Reid, Bill Belichick, whoever; they get to tell and greenlight whoever on their staff they want the television networks to talk about or focus in on. For the last 2-3 years the Chiefs were having a concerted effort to try and promote Eric Bieniemy up off their staff and get someone to take him on as a head coach. It’s a very clever way of firing people… The media has spent all of these years, ‘OH, ERIC BIENIEMY, HE DESERVES A HEAD COACHING JOB!’ ‘HE’S THE GREATEST HEAD COACH!’ ‘HE’S GETTING SCREWED OVER BECAUSE HE’S BLACK!’ ‘IF THE NFL WASN’T RACIST…’ They’ve been selling that nonsense forever meanwhile the Houston Texans hired Lovie Smith off the scrap heap? Hired Dave Culley, a 40-year NFL assistant? The NFL has no problem hiring Black head coaches. I don’t care what you hear on tv about how ‘racist’ they are, race isn’t the issue, CULTURE is the issue. You plug all of these men into this emasculated victimhood culture that has been pushed on Black people. You don’t produce leaders that way, and that’s why Black men are struggling to get NFL head coaching jobs. Because they’ve been forced into a culture that does not prepare them for leadership. THAT’S Eric Bieniemy’s problem. It’s connected to the conversation we’re going to have about ‘The Woman King.’ Black people are living in a matriarchal culture here in America. A matriarchal culture does not produce high-quality Black male leadership, period, end of story. Either we can deal with that fact and correct it, or we can whine and cry, and call everybody racist, and say ‘OH, IT’S THE WHITE MAN’S FAULT…’ It’s OUR fault for maintaining and buying into a matriarchal culture. If you continue to be on your knees and be a beta male and a coward, eventually you’re going to get written out of the script. That’s what happened to Eric Bieniemy. Life knocked on his door and said ‘Eric, we did the best we could, we tried to sell you for three years, we got all the media saying you’re the greatest coach in the world, then you get in these interview rooms and everyone finds out you’re not built for leadership, and they won’t give you the job.' They literally tried to get rid of him this off-season and ended up signing him to another one-year deal. Now they’re done. They’ve given him all the welfare they can give him, no one would buy the fake product, and now they've written him out of the script.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he thinks Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has essentially been ‘written out of the script’ in NFL media circles, as Whitlock explains why it's apparent that Bieniemy's name has plunged into irrelevance after at one time being one of the hottest names in coaching.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why Bieniemy’s plight doesn’t have anything to do with racism among the owners, but actually because of a toxic facet of modern Black culture that struggles to manifest powerful leaders.

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