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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Why the NFL Has So Few Black Head Coaches

Jason Whitlock: “We never have a legitimate conversation about ‘Black head coaches.’ Everything in the NFL is: ‘IT’S GOTTA BE RACISM!’, ‘THE OWNERS ARE RACIST!’, ‘IT’S THE ONLY REASON WHY THEY DON’T GET THE JOB!’ There’s more to it than that. The entry gate into coaching is the Graduate Assistant job, and Black dudes in mass aren’t raising their hands right after college to go ‘I’m going to make $15,000 a year!’ Many of the former players have got babies, and if you’ve got babies it’s hard to take a job that’s going to pay you $12,000-$15,000 a year the first year or two out of college. So we’re not entering the starting gate at the same time. Then, many Black players are so committed to playing the game and becoming professionals that they don’t really think about transitioning into coaching until they’ve exhausted every avenue of their playing career. I’ve seen guys that I played with at the mid-major level that chased the NFL dream for 6 and 7 years and they weren’t even All-MAC [Mid-American Conference]. They’re playing Arena ball, they’re playing semi-pro, they're playing this and that… Whereas a Sean McVay will go to Miami of Ohio with the game plan of ‘I’m just walking on and playing here so I can learn how to coach.’ You gotta get to the starting gate at the same rate as everybody else if you want the end result to be as good as everybody else. I just don’t think we can chalk this up to ‘THESE WHITE OWNERS DON’T WANT BLACK HEAD COACHES!’ If they’re willing to pay Pat Mahomes a half billion dollars you really think they care who they pay to coach their team for $5-$6 million dollars a year? I just don’t think they do. I get tired of ‘IT CAN ALL BE CHALKED UP TO RACISM!’ – they got rosters 75% Black paying them millions of dollars, but the one position ‘OH, NO, NO, NO, NO…’ Nah, Eric Bieniemy, he’s got dirt on his jacket from the silly stuff he did at Colorado. If he was a White coach, everybody in the media would be lighting him up for the issues he had at Colorado, but since he’s Black -- ‘let’s don’t talk about it.’ Are there a bunch of Black dudes out here who have done the work to be play-callers on the offensive side of the game? Really??” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain the real reason why the NFL has had so few Black head coaches over the years, as Jason doesn’t believe the common storyline of ‘racist’ NFL owners refusing to promote Black assistant coaches simply because of their skin color.

Check the segment above as Whitlock details his theory on why there are many other factors at hand when it comes to the NFL's coaching demographics.

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