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Jason Whitlock Says Kyler Murray Plays and Dresses Like a 'Clown'

Jason Whitlock: “Kyler Murray showed up to work in a lime green pantsuit… People are going to think I’m joking when I say this, but if football were still football you wouldn’t show up to work dressed like this because you would be thinking ‘man, I better be locked in and my mindset has to be right for this war that I’m about to go into’ -- but this guy knows he’s going into a protected bubble and protected space so it’s almost like a joke. He’s got time to think in the morning ‘hey, what kind of feminized, Queen Elizabeth pantsuit can I wear on the runway before I go play a football game??’ When you’re preparing to play football in previous eras I don’t think anybody would think to put that on – perhaps if they’re closeted they would put that on and maybe Kyler is – I don’t know, but what’s going on with Kyler Murray and why they’re having to put clauses in to study the game… It’s not real anymore to these guys, it’s not hyper-competitive so they’re not as locked in. Guys struggle with how serious they take football all the time but at 40 some-odd million dollars a year when you’re tasked with playing a game that used to be violent I just don’t think you wake up in the morning thinking ‘what pantsuit am I going to put on??’ This whole feminizing of sports and football, it has a trickle-down effect that impacts everybody and that’s a reason why this clown slid on 3rd down a yard short of the first down [vs. Philadelphia] because he ain’t out here getting hit, he’s out here in his protected space and this bubble. That wouldn’t happen 20 years ago because all of his teammates would have been like ‘hey, man we needed a yard and you slid??’… And then because he’s not locked in that’s why he gets up and spikes the football… Kyler Murray is a clown and it’s because football allows him to be… These guys see themselves as runway models and they’re probably getting paid to show off these different fashions and styles. It’s Cam Newton all over again. Cam Newton started showing up in a bonnet and I was very critical of that. The whole fashion industry is dominated by the ‘alphabet mafia’. These guys have stylists that are a part of the alphabet mafia, that’s who’s laying out their clothes, and they wonder why they show up looking like feminized clowns. That’s how he wants you to look, he’s paid to make you look feminized, or you got a female stylist who is dressing you like a woman. These guys are doing it for the money, they don’t understand how they’re being manipulated, and the whole country, not just football, is going down this path. They’re the ‘influencers’ making it seem cool to get every kid saying ‘hey, what lime green Hillary Clinton pantsuit can I wear tomorrow??’, it’s all part of the gimmick.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he believes Kyler Murray has fallen victim to the ‘feminization’ of football and turned him into an aloof ‘clown’ more focused on what he’s wearing to the pregame press conference than actually studying film and preparing for the upcoming game.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why Murray is going down the same corrosive path as former NFL MVP Cam Newton, as a guy who wants to lead fashion trends, not football teams.