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Jason Whitlock on Brady/Gisele Divorce: 'Tom Brady is the Bad Guy'

Jason Whitlock: “I am sad to hear this news, I am not surprised. If anybody has been listening to this show, you know whose team I’m on. I’m on Gisele’s team. I think Tom Brady has been very selfish here. Yesterday I was talking about Antonio Brown and Brady bringing this predator into their home, and how that whole situation in Dubai was a bad look for Tom Brady. He’s selfish about his football career, he told this woman he was retiring and he was going to come home and focus on his family and his kids. Twenty-some-odd years and 7 Super Bowl championships is more than enough. I think this woman had a right, he changed the expectations, she thought last season was the finish line. He set those expectations when he announced his retirement and then pulled the rug out from underneath her. I’m 1000% on Team Gisele, and I know I’m the ‘sexist pig’ on this show is always caping up for the man, but not here. If this is the end, I blame Tom Brady. Brady is the bad guy here. This woman had reasonable expectations that last year was his last year. She supported him for virtually his entire NFL career. They’ve got three kids, give up football, and get into this life with these kids that need attention. I’m on Team Gisele, and it’s shocking me that I am, but I think Tom Brady is the bad guy here.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ discuss the developing reports surrounding Tom Brady’s potentially messy divorce with Gisele Bundchen, as Whitlock explains why he’s ‘1000%’ on Team Gisele.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks Brady is the ‘bad guy’ in this situation, and also talks with co-host Steve Kim about what Brady’s next move should be.

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