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Why the Bears Will Move on From Justin Fields After This Season

Jason Smith: “We waived goodbye to Mitchell Trubisky, in 2-4 weeks we will waive goodbye to Baker Mayfield, and at the end of this year, and I hate to say it, but I think this is the end for Justin Fields in Chicago. They just do not trust him. They don’t trust him to throw the football and they don’t trust him to make decisions. Is he the best decision maker with where to go with the football, NO, but you have to let the guy play, and the fact they’re not even willing to do that and they’re only throwing the ball 20 times a game – who wins in the NFL throwing the ball 20 times in a game?? It’s not 1985. This is not ‘McMahon can throw 8 passes, we’re going to give the ball to Payton and play great defense!’ You can’t do it that way. Fields has struggled all year, and you had the big controversy over the fans not doing their part, you can tell he’s lost with what it means to be a starting quarterback and what he’s gotta focus on -- the Bears just don’t trust him. They don’t trust him to go out and play, and if you don’t trust a guy in year 2, you’re suddenly going to trust him in year 3? NO. They have a new coach in and if it doesn’t work they’re going to go after a quarterback in a very quarterback-rich draft going in next year and it will be somebody else besides Justin Fields. It’s not about Justin Fields isn’t good, it’s that we don’t know how good he is. Seventeen, eleven, seventeen, and twenty-two; those are his passing attempts per game this year. THAT’S a team who doesn’t trust a guy to play quarterback, and that’s all you need to know. It’s going to be another quarterback at the end of this year.”

Listen to Jason Smith of Fox Sports Radio explain why he thinks the Chicago Bears will be moving off second-year quarterback Justin Fields after this season, as the 23-year-old ranks second to last in the NFL in passer rating and QBR while completing just 50.7% of his throws.

Check out the segment above as Jason details why he thinks the Bears are already fazing Fields out of their offense, and casting him off as a guy they can’t trust throwing the ball.

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