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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 5

Photo: Julio Aguilar

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 teams in the NFL after a Week 5 in which the Giants embarrassed the heavily favored Packers in London, the Bills eviscerate the Steelers, the Jets send the Tua-less Dolphins back down to earth, the Cowboys bully the comatose Rams, the Chiefs surge past the Raiders, the Bucs (and refs) outlast the Falcons, the Patriots shutout the clueless Lions, and the Eagles remain perfect vs. the Cardinals.

Here are Colin’s Week 5 Herd Hierarchy Rankings as follows:

10. Chargers (3-2) 30-28 WIN at Browns [Last Week: NR] "It's a passing league and they're second in the league in passing."
9. Bengals (2-3) 17-19 LOSS at Ravens [Last Week: 7] "Most underrated defense in the league."
8. Cowboys (4-1) 10-22 WIN vs. Rams [Last Week: NR] "This is a defensive story, they've held all five of their opponents to just one touchdown."
7. Vikings (4-1) 29-22 WIN vs. Bears [Last Week: 10] "I called it, I said all those close losses last year are going to become close wins with an offensive coach."
6. Bucs (3-2) 21-15 WIN vs. Falcons [Last Week: 4] "When they were all beat up and injury-riddled they lost to the Chiefs and Packers."
5. Ravens (3-2) 19-17 WIN vs. Benals [Last Week: 6] "Their defense leads the NFL in takeaways, and Lamar has 10 passing touchdowns."
4. 49ers (3-2) 37-15 WIN at Panthers [Last Week: 5] "They've allowed the fewest yards per play in the NFL."
3. Bills (4-1) 38-3 WIN vs. Steelers [Last Week: 3] "20 of their last 22 wins have been blowouts but my concern is 'why can't they win close?' Because they don't have a consistent run game."
2. Chiefs (4-1) 30-29 WIN vs. Chiefs [Last Week: 1] "They are situationally brilliant, they've got playmakers on offense, smartest offensive coach, best quarterback, there's not a lot I don't like."
1. Eagles (5-0) 20-17 WIN at Cardinals [Last Week: 2] "I don't think they're a Super Bowl team but look at their stats: fewest giveaways, lead the NFL in 'Big Plays' with 44, they have the most takeaways, and the fewest giveaways."

Dropped From Rankings: Jaguars, Dolphins.

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