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Colin Cowherd Says Broncos Should Consider Trading Russell Wilson

Colin Cowherd: “I’m going to throw this at you and you’ll think it’s insane. Denver says to Arizona ‘We will take Kyler off your hands and you can have Russell.’ Kingsbury is like ‘just give me a coachable guy!’— Russell Wilson, whereas Denver, Hackett is like ‘give me a young guy who can move!’ If Arizona doesn’t solve this, if Denver doesn’t solve this, who wouldn’t take that phone call? Kyler Murray does not trust the owner, the GM, or the coach, and he gets a fresh start. Denver gets what they want. Russell is an older Kyler. Arizona is like ‘we like Kyler, he’s not coachable.’ That’s not an issue with Russell. Both have issues, and both have contracts you can’t get out of. You can with a trade. America am I nuts?? If these seasons torpedo, you would not in Arizona take a call from Denver on 33-year-old Russell Wilson? Denver’s owners are looking at this and thinking ‘did we just buy Blockbuster??’ Kyler is sitting here thinking ‘why am I taking all the shots here? My owner calls me out, my GM doesn’t like me, they put an addendum in my contract, and I don’t love my coach.' Kyler would love a fresh start. Arizona is like ‘we are over Kyler, but we built our offense based on his skill set as a mobile quarterback.' I've seen broadcasters be swapped, I've seen companies be swapped, you wouldn't take a call in ten weeks if things don't get solved?" (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the deteriorating 2-4 Denver Broncos season as Colin believes the team should strongly consider exploring a trade for first-year starter Russell Wilson if their freefall continues down the same embarrassing road.

On Tuesday, Colin suggested that the quickest fix for the Broncos would be firing rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett and then drafting a quarterback in this year's draft to put pressure on Wilson, but Colin thinks a Russ/Kyler Murray swap could be an even better alternative, as Arizona is neck and neck with Denver for league's most disappointing team.

Check out the segment above as Colin promises that he's not crazy for suggesting this NFL blockbuster.