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Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 6

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 teams in the NFL after a Week 6 in which the Bills finally conquered the Chiefs, the Packers continued their freefall vs. the Jets, the Eagles stayed undefeated and ended the Cooper Rush Cinderella story, Tom Brady and the Bucs stunk it up vs. an undermanned Steelers team, Bailey Zappe staked his claim on the starting QB job vs. the Browns, and Russell Wilson and the Broncos once again looked unwatchable in a nationally televised game, this time in a loss vs. the Chargers.

Here are Colin’s Week 6 Herd Hierarchy Rankings as follows:

10. Giants (5-1) 24-20 WIN vs. Ravens [Last Week: NR] "Winning close games is a skill and all five of their wins are one possesion games."
9. Patriots (3-3) 38-15 WIN at Browns [Last Week: NR] "Bailey Zappe is more accurate, quicker release, better feet, fewer mistakes than Brian Hoyer or Mac Jones. It's not a quarterback controversy, Zappe leads the offense better."
8. Cowboys (4-2) 17-26 LOSS at Eagles [Last Week: 8] "They lead the NFL in sacks, sack differential, their defense is top 5 in scoring and pass defense, and they have key players at key positions-- they have a lockdown corner, a great edge rusher, a great defensive end, a star receiever, capable backs, and a Hall of Fame interior lineman, and they were 4-1 without Dak."
7. Ravens (3-3) 20-24 LOSS at Giants [Last Week: 5] "They're averaging 6.5 yards per play, top 3 in the league, they have the highest rushing average in the league, they have a takeaway in every game, and they've led every game by 10 points."
6. Bengals (3-3) 30-26 WIN at Saints [Last Week: 9] "This is the most underrated defense in the league because you can't name any of their players. It's the only defense in the NFL who hasn't allowed a touchdown in the second half."
5. Niners (3-3) 14-28 LOSS at Falcons [Last Week: 4] "Their defense allows the fewest yards per play in the league; that SCREAMS conference championship and Super Bowl."
4. Vikings (5-1) 24-16 WIN at Dolphins [Last Week: 5] "They're the New York Giants with more speed, explosiveness on the outside, and trustability on the perimeter."
3. Chiefs (4-2) 20-24 LOSS vs. Bills [Last Week: 2] "Still the number one offense in the league-- they lead the NFL in first downs, touchdowns, scoring, and are only one of two teams in the NFL [Buffalo] who convert over 50% of their third downs."
2. Eagles (6-0) 26-17 WIN vs. Cowboys [Last Week: 1] "They lead the NFL in turnver differential, but I don't think they have the fire power on either side like Buffalo."
1. Bills (5-1) 24-20 WIN at Chiefs [Last Week: 3] "They were favored at Kansas City, what does that tell you? Best point differential in the NFL, best knockout punch, best yardage differential, and the best third down offense in the league."

Dropped From Rankings: Bucs, Chargers.

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