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Jason Whitlock: Fame and Entitlement Are Destroying Tom Brady's Career

Photo: Julio Aguilar

Jason Whitlock: “It’s no surprise that the 45-year-old quarterback is suffering a mid-life identity crisis. You can argue that ‘Father Time’ has finally caught up to Tom Brady… Not me, that’s not what I’m arguing, FAME is causing the demise of Brady. Fame is undefeated at eroding self-awareness, promoting selfishness, and encouraging entitlement. Selfishness, entitlement, and a lack of self-awareness are at the root of Brady’s 2022 on and off-field failures. Brady wants to play football, he’s not that interested in ‘preparing’ to play football. Playing and preparing are two different things. Everybody loves to play— the entitled, the selfish, the spoiled, the pampered, they don’t love to play. For two decades Brady excelled on the football field because he had the courage and self-awareness to stand out from his peers. He bought into and cultivated ‘The Patriot Way’: the selfless and team-oriented style of football. Brady epitomized old-school values. That Tom Brady died when he moved to Tampa Bay. Tampa Tom desires the spoils of celebrity and privilege. He practices when convenient. He briefly retired because he no longer wanted to play for Bruce Arians. He sacrificed his marriage in pursuit of enhancing a football legacy that can’t go any higher. Brady made a fool of himself berating his teammates. You can’t scream at your teammates when they can see so clearly that he’s not fully invested in their success. Brady’s mindset and approach separated him from his competitors, and the culture he helped create with Bill Belichick in New England contributed to more to his on-field greatness more than his physical gifts. Brady’s behavior now undermines Tampa’s culture. Forty-eight hours before the game vs. Pittsburgh, Tom Brady chose to attend a wedding in New York. That’s a signal to every player on the Bucs roster that the greatest player of all time didn’t take Pittsburgh seriously. Brady’s actions are far more powerful and influential than Todd Bowles’ words. A spirit of entitlement controls Tom Brady’s behavior at the moment. Fame does that. Constant adulation does that. It’s great that Brady won a Super Bowl in Tampa but the reality is that Brady misses Bill Belichick. Brady should have retired three years ago and focused on his family. He’s not the same player or person without Bill Belichick.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he believes ‘fame' has led to the downfall of Tom Brady’s career in 2022, as Whitlock isn’t buying that ‘Father Time’ is the reason Brady’s Bucs are 3-3 on the season and losers of three of their last four games.

Check out the video above as Whitlock details why he thinks Brady leaving Bill Belichick was the worst thing to ever happen in his career despite Brady winning a Super Bowl without Belichick in 2020.