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Colin Cowherd on Tom Brady Yelling at Teammates: 'I'm For People that Care'

Colin Cowherd: “I saw a story that Tom Brady was yelling at offensive linemen and he was at a wedding [Robert Kraft] on Friday… First of all, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been a daiquiri at a whiskey bar my entire life— silly, uneven, underachieving, rudderless, goofy… Nobody that you really like ever orders a daiquiri. That’s what the Bucs are. Then year one Brady arrives— yells, screams, barks, and they win a Super Bowl. Last year the knock on Brady was that he was indifferent and he wasn’t yelling at people after November, he felt a little disengaged and we found out that he wanted to retire. What happened? The team went back to the Buccaneers without leadership. Year 3 and he’s back to barking and I’m here for it. The Steelers didn’t have TJ Watt and still were in Brady’s grill the entire afternoon. ‘WELL, HE WAS AT A WEDDING AND HE MISSED FRIDAY’S WALKAROUND!’ Really? This is a guy who wrote a book on avocado ice cream and doesn’t drink a beer during the season. We’re going to question Tom Brady’s commitment? He’s going through a personal crisis, he’s got a brand new coach who was fired his last job, they’ve had cluster injuries to the offensive line and wide receiver, and we’re questioning Tom Brady’s commitment?? In the NFL the last 20 years there are some things you can’t question: Andy Reid’s brilliance, Belichick’s defensive strategy, and Brady’s commitment. OMG, he went to a wedding for six hours! Whatever. Folks, this is not a rookie receiver. It's not like Brady doesn't hold himself to a high standard. Maybe if it was Baker Mayfield I would question his committment; he had more commericals than touchdowns. Brady is the leadership quotient for this rudderless organization for most of my life and I once covered it for two years. Tom barks, he did in year one and they won a Super Bowl. Just trust Tom on this, he doesn’t yell just to yell. Leadership is uncomfortable, it’s volume and it’s intensity. Brady has been the glue who pulled this thing together, I’m for people that care. Kobe yelled, LeBron yelled, Michael punched, I’m for people that care, shame on me.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd defend Tom Brady after Brady’s Bucs lost for the third time in their last four games in a nationally televised affair that saw Brady screaming at his Bucs teammates on the sideline at one point in the game

Check out the segment above as Colin mocks detractors who are questioning the commitment of quite possibly the most committed player in NFL history who just won a Super Bowl with a previously laughable franchise.

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