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Colin Cowherd: Cardinals Should Fire Kliff Kingsbury, 'No Signs He's Good'

Colin Cowherd: “We already have three first-year coaches in the NFL crushing it. Brian Daboll took over a mess and is 5-1, Kevin O’Connell took over the Vikings and he’s 5-1, and Mike McDaniel before Tua was hurt was 3-0. Nick Sirianni and Robert Saleh, two second-year coaches, are a combined 10-2 this morning. Even young coaches who we ‘liked’ were fired, Brian Flores. Zac Taylor in his third year got the Bengals to a Super Bowl. Kliff Kingsbury did not win in college in an average conference with Patrick Mahomes as a quarterback. He has never had Arizona with Kyler Murray, good weapons, and a decent o-line in the top 10 in scoring. His teams have faded at the end of his first three seasons, and now he doesn’t get along great with his quarterback. It’s time— we’ve seen enough of it and it’s time. I don’t like calling for jobs but we know what we got here, right? You can say it’s Kyler’s fault but when Aaron Rodgers wanted Mike McCarthy out, he was out, and if Kyler wants Kliff Kingsbury out, he’s out. Kliff was 35-40 in college with Patrick Mahomes. There are no signs right now that he’s a great coach. I can argue that there are no signs that he’s a really ‘good’ coach, so you move on. It’s very reasonable this morning to say that Kingsbury and Nathaniel Hackett aren’t the guy. Kingsbury has had three years and there’s nothing to prove that he’s an elite coach. There’s a lot of good candidates out there – the kid at Seattle calling plays [Shane Waldron], Byron Leftwich calling plays, Shane Steichen of the Eagles is calling plays, Kafka of the New York Giants… There are plenty of offensive coaches out there and the league is pivoting to offense. He’s not a whiff and he’s not a total miss, there’s something there, maybe he’s a coordinator, maybe he's just a college coach and needs a legitimate job, not his alma mater.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Cardinals need to fire third-year head coach Kliff Kinsbury despite the 43-year-old coming off a season in which Arizona won 11 games and nearly captured the stacked NFC West division.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the Cardinals should not only get rid of Kingsbury, but also consider trading Kyler Murray— potentially in a blockbuster swap for Russell Wilson.

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