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Colin Cowherd Says this NFL Trade Could Save the Packers Season

Photo: Joe Sargent

Colin Cowherd: “Chase Claypool is a big, strong, healthy wide receiver. He’s a young volume receiver. You’re going to get 60-70 catches a year from Chase Claypool. He’s with the Steelers but the Steelers drafted George Pickens out of Georgia, he’s amazing. They’ve also got Diontae Johnson, he’s a really good receiver. The Pittsburgh Steelers have needs right now but they don’t need another receiver. They can probably shape up that offensive line a little, get another pass rusher, draft picks— whatever they gotta do. There’s a story out there that the Packers want Chase Claypool and this makes so much sense for Green Bay. When Green Bay signed Aaron Rodgers to that $50 million-a-year deal they entered the ‘let’s keep Aaron Rodgers happy’ business. Aaron has 100% leverage over the franchise, he can walk away at any point of this contract, and can stick the organization and the fans with a huge tax bill. Your new business reality is ‘keep Aaron happy.’ You created it, you signed it, stop tip-toeing around the pool and DIVE IN. Aaron Rodgers can drive me nuts, but he’s great— MAKE HIM HAPPY, GET CHASE CLAYPOOL. We told you before the season that Randall Cobb would get hurt, Sammy Watkins would never finish the season, and to not buy into the preseason hype of Romeo Doubs and Christian Watkins. Aaron is not going to rely on these guys in big games, they’re kids. You’ve got Aaron Rodgers, go get Chase Claypool, it makes so much sense. You refuse to draft a receiver in the first round so go get a first-round talent. That’s a trade deadline changer and changes a team’s fortune. 6’4”, 230, runs pretty well, volume receiver, mostly healthy. The old guys can’t stay healthy, he can, the young guys don’t understand the game yet, he does, and he’s a number-one talent, Allen Lazard isn’t. He literally checks the three boxes. You get the experience, you get the star power, and you get the health. GO GET HIM. Whatever it takes, who cares about draft picks? Aaron owns the franchise and he could walk out tomorrow and give you a big tax bill. Get it and don’t care about your draft picks.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Aaron Rodgers and the comatose Green Bay Packers desperately need this trade deadline deal to salvage their season, as the 3-3 Packers rank just 24th in the league in scoring.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Packers should look to acquire Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool, a former second-round pick who appears to be on the outside looking in amongst a formidable young receiver corps in Pittsburgh.

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