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Herd Hierarchy: Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 7

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 teams in the NFL after a Week 7 in which Justin Fields defiled Bill Belichick, the Panthers degraded Tom Brady's Bucs, the Packers continued their freefall against the Commanders, the Chiefs annihilated the 49ers, the Giants continued their surge in Jacksonville, and Dak Prescott got his mojo back vs. the Lions.

Here are Colin’s Week 7 Herd Hierarchy Rankings as follows:

10. Ravens (4-3) 23-20 WIN vs. Browns [Last Week: 7] "I'm not betting them anymore but there's only two teams in the league [Ravens, Eagles] that have led every game by 10+ points."
9. 49ers (3-4) 44-23 LOSS vs. Chiefs [Last Week: 5] "They played ilke crap on Sunday but no team has fewer three-and-outs, they have the third ranked total defense, and they have 24 sacks-- only the Cowboys have more, and that's missing Bosa for most of the year."
8. Cowboys (5-2) 24-6 WIN vs. Lions [Last Week: 8] "Best sack differential in the league, and their defense is allowing 4.7 yards per play, that's second-best in the NFL and always been a huge stat."
7. Giants (6-1) 23-17 WIN at Jaguars [Last Week: 10] "The Giants have become the best second-half football team in the league, and Brian Daboll situationally has done a remarkable job."
6. Dolphins (4-3) 16-10 WIN vs. Steelers [Last Week: NR] "They're 4-0 this year when Tua is healthy, and in the last 12 games with Tua they're 10-2."
5. Vikings (5-1) BYE WEEK [Last Week: 4] "I think they're the New York Giants with more speed on the perimeter. They don't blow people away because they can't blow people away."
4. Bengals (4-3) 35-17 WIN vs. Falcons [Last Week: 6] "Their three losses are by a combined eight points. After the Bills and Kansas City they're the best third-down team in the league, and their defense hasn't allowed a second-half touchdown all year."
3. Eagles (6-0) BYE WEEK [Last Week: 2] "Top 5 scoring offfense, top 5 scoring defense, they don't turn it over, they take it away, and they have 13 rushing touchdowns."
2. Chiefs (5-2) 44-23 WIN at 49ers [Last Week: 3] "Opposing quarterbacks against the Chiefs have a 104 passer rating. Jimmy Garoppolo had LOTS of opportunities. That's why Josh Allen and Joe Burrow against the Chiefs concerns me."
1. Bills (5-1) BYE WEEK [Last Week: 1] "The Bills are the most talented team in the league. They're the only team in the league averaging 300+ passing yards per game, averaging 6.6 yards per play with the most physically talented quarterback in the league."

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