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Rob Parker Calls For Tom Brady to Quit Football Amid Horrendous Bucs Start

Photo: Justin K.Aller

 Rob Parker: “I’ve got a message for Tom Brady. Tom Brady, listen up and pull the radio close to you… [tapping microphone] Is this on?? QUIT TOM BRADY! RETIRE TOM BRADY! CALL IT A CAREER TOM BRADY! THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU CAME BACK FOR! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? THESE ARE THE FOOTBALL GODS PUNISHING YOU. YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED RETIRED. YOU RETIRED, YOU ACCOMPLISHED WHAT YOU WANTED TO, AND THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT TO COME BACK TO. AND NOW LOOK WHERE YOU ARE! HERE IS THE BAD PART… YOUR TEAM IS WHOLE! IT’S NOT LIKE YOU’RE MISSING A LOT OF PIECES! YOUR TEAM IS WHOLE AND THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE?? This is not why a 45-year-old guy is still playing in the National Football League— just to play. It’s supposed to be like you’re trying to win a Super Bowl. You’re part of the problem, the team is part of the problem, and you’ve compromised everything! If were Tom Brady, I would get down on my hands and knees and thank my maker for a wife like he has, and then beg her for forgiveness. ‘Take me back! I’m giving up football! I want my family and my wife! I’m done! This is not what I signed up for!’ It’s okay, Tom, people will understand. Great players have quit all the time and have just said ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!, ‘NO MAS!’ Just do it, Tom, QUIT! There is nothing left here!” (Full Video Above)

Watch Rob Parker plead with Tom Brady to quit football ASAP, as Brady’s Bucs have arguably been the NFL’s most disappointing team through 7 weeks, and coming off one of the worst losses of Brady’s career against an anonymous Panthers team.

Check out the video above as Parker says Brady should get on the phone and beg Gisele for forgiveness, adding that no one would criticize Brady for leaving football at this point given the circumstances in his personal life coupled with the team’s struggles.

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