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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Why Russell Westbrook Destroyed His Career

Jason Whitlock: “Social media is poisoning the minds of athletes and it’s disrupting their ability to perform. Russell Westbrook is basketball’s version of Antonio Brown. He’s not as stupid as Antonio Brown and doesn’t have all the off-field issues as Antonio Brown, but social media has scrambled his brain. I started to talk about this when Antonio Brown started a Livestream in the Steelers locker room after a playoff game, I was thinking ‘this guy is living for social media, there is a problem here’, and things just got worse and worse. I’m seeing the same exact thing with Russell Westbrook and it’s transpiring on the court. He can’t think, he can’t compete, he can’t perform without all of his thoughts being consumed with the outside noise. ‘Are fans calling me West-brick?’, ‘Are there going to be memes about me after the game?’, ‘is Skip Bayless going to say something on his show that is going to get retweeted?’ He can’t focus on himself and his job because he’s thinking about everything else, and all of it is connected to social media… Lakers fans are so upset because they can see that Westbrook is discombobulated. He’s like that second baseman from the Dodgers, Steve Sax, who couldn’t throw to first base. It’s so in his head that he’s got the yips like a golfer. Lakers fans were gasping when Westbrook was about to shoot and people would shout ‘NO!’ Reggie Miller was caping for Westbrook, and blaming the ‘toxic’ environment. After the game [his 0/11 game vs. LAC] Westbrook was in such delusion, denial, and discombobulation that he described his game as ‘solid’. Westbrook needs to snap out of his delusion and say that he needs to play better. He needs to be living in that headspace but we don’t allow that now. We lie to everybody with positive reinforcement, and it’s like the same people that look at Lizzo running around in a thong at damn near 400 pounds and saying ‘body positivity!’ That’s the kind of bubble-wrapped world we’re creating for people so they can live in denial about their problems. We think that lying to people sets them free or moves them in a better direction. We’re so sensitive now, and we’re so caught up in social media. Your ‘reality’ is now what’s going on with your social media. Don’t blame us, blame your handlers, and blame yourself for not being strong enough to realize that garbage on social media is not reality and it’s not the real world. You’re going to have hecklers. If you’re not man enough to ignore them, don’t blame me, don’t blame the fans, don’t blame social media, YOU weren’t built for this. Russell Westbrook is weak and he’s a beta.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he thinks Russell Westbrook’s once admirable career has deteriorated so quickly in the last few years, as Westbrook has become one of the most mocked NBA players in recent history as a chided journeyman.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks social media has given Westbrook the ‘yips’ on the court and made him way too concerned about what trolls are going to say about him after a bad game.

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