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Colin Cowherd Blasts Aaron Rodgers': 'Eyerolling is Now His Signature Move'

Colin Cowherd: “You are who you are when you’re in crisis and don’t get your way… Russell Wilson is having the worst 7-game stretch in his career. What has he done? ‘Mr. Optimistic’ -- we’re going to get it solved, we will figure it out. Tom Brady is having the worst 7-game stretch of his career— yesterday in his podcast: ‘I’m not quitting, I love my guys, we’ll figure it out, I’m not considering retirement, I love my coaches, I love my teammates.’ Aaron Rodgers is having the worst 7-game stretch perhaps in his career and what did Aaron say? He went on a YouTube show, called out his coach, and called out his teammates. He’s calling out young guys and calling out Matt LaFleur. This is the second shot at Matt LaFleur in a month. Once again with Aaron, it’s THEIR fault, it’s THEM, THEY, ‘THEY’VE got to figure it out, ‘THEY’RE not doing it.’ Aaron Rodgers has been in this league for 15 years and he still can’t figure out the leadership thing. Mahomes figured it out in a year, Brady in a year, Peyton Manning in a year… It’s okay to bark at a coach or teammates on the sideline, that’s conflict resolution. That is not passive-aggressive and it’s confronting something when you’re mad. Aaron doesn’t do that, it’s all passive-aggressive. It’s going on shows instead of confronting coaches in the office. ‘Leadership’ is keeping drama OUT of the press, not inserting it INTO the press. In 15 years he hasn’t figured it out. The eye roll with Aaron Rodgers is his signature move. It used to be the discount double check— his signature move now is the eye roll. When you all were telling me for years and years that the GOAT is Rodgers and not Brady, it’s like ‘you don’t get football, you don’t get sports.’ It’s not just talent, Carmelo and Westbrook have talent, but LeBron gets leadership.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd rip Aaron Rodgers’ leadership skills, saying Rodgers’ signature move has gone from the ‘discount double check’ to ‘eye rolling.’

Check out the segment above as Colin calls out Rodgers for the Packers’ disastrous three-game losing streak that has seemingly become everybody else’s fault BUT Aaron’s according to the 16-year pro himself.

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