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Emmanuel Acho: 'Justin Herbert is Maybe the Most Overrated QB in Football'

Photo: Harry How

Emmanuel Acho: “I said at first that Herbert was over-praised but not ‘overrated.’ It’s time for me to correct myself. Justin Herbert is both overpraised and maybe the most overrated quarterback in football. Prior to the season, Super Bowl-attending coaches compared Justin Herbert to Tom Brady. Justin Herbert had been compared to Patrick Mahomes, to Josh Allen… Justin Herbert’s record is 19-20 as a starter. Justin Herbert, we thought you were so great because you were stuntin’ on Joe Burrow, you were stuntin’ on Tua. Remember, Joe Burrow’s first year in the league he gets hurt and Justin Herbert throws for more yards than we’ve ever seen a rookie quarterback throw for. Tua’s first year in the league he’s arguing with Ryan Fitzpatrick physically speaking on who should be the starter. But then the playing field got level. Then we gave Tua two top-flight receivers, and both of Tua’s receivers are now top 5 in receiving yards. Then we saw Joe Burrow with Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins, and Joe Burrow in his second year went to the Super Bowl. When the playing field got level we could finally assess everybody for who they really are." (Full Video Above)

Watch Emmanuel Acho explain why he thinks Justin Herbert is ‘maybe the most overrated quarterback in the league’, as Acho says Herbert’s lukewarm 19-20 career record should have never warranted comparisons to established superstars like Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes.

Check out the segment above as Acho details why he thinks the rapid rise of Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa, both of the 2020 NFL Draft brethren with Herbert, has suddenly made people rethink their opinion on the slumping third-year Chargers starter.

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