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Why Tom Brady is Not Retiring After this Season

Photo: Eakin Howard

Jason Smith: “I didn’t think Brady was ever going to quit in the middle of a season, I mean, C’MON. Is Brady retiring now? NO. Is he really retiring at the end of the season? If the guy is getting divorced there is nothing that is stopping him from playing football anymore. If the pull of coming back to your family was going to force Brady to retire, if that’s not the case now and he’s going to be a single dad there is nothing that is going to stop him from playing football. He still wants to play football. I know this because after he retired he came back 40 days later. Is he really going to make this year his last year in the NFL and go out with a really bad substandard year OR is he going to retire when he doesn’t have to? The answer to that is NO. Brady is going to play whether it’s next year with Tampa or somebody else, he’s going to do it. This is just a ‘whatever’ year for Brady and he still has 3-4 more years to go— ‘I want to play until I’m 50.’ You know that’s what he wants his legacy to be. The Super Bowls and ‘I played great quarterback until I was 50 bleepin’ years old.’ Is he going to be able to do that is the question, but that’s what he wants to be able to do. He’s looking at this year as just a bad year at the back half of his career that you shrug your shoulders and move on from. He’s going to keep playing and there’s nothing to stop him from keep playing, and he’s going to play at least 3-4 more years. I’d be the most shocked guy in the world if after this season Brady said ‘yeah, I’m DONE.’” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Fox Sports Radio host Jason Smith explain why he doesn’t think Tom Brady is going to retire after this season, as Jason believes Brady could legitimately have ‘50’ in his crosshairs now with Gisele potentially out of the picture for good.

Check out the segment above as Jason says he would be ‘the most shocked guy in the world’ if Brady were to officially call it quits during what is looking like a lost season for the toothless Bucs.

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