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Colin Cowherd on the 0-4 Lakers: 'Tear that House Down to the Studs'

Colin Cowherd: “Of the Lakers' many issues, they are an atrocious second-half team. The second half in the NBA is the ‘coaching’ half— that’s adjustments. They’re officially the worst shooting team in the league, we don’t know if they have a great coach, but what’s really obvious with this Lakers team when you watch is they don’t have enough good players. Good God, can you stop with Kendrick Nunn?? The Warriors had him in their G-League and let him go, and Miami had him and let him go. Erick Spoelstra and Steve Kerr don’t miss much on talent, they both had him and let him go. The Lakers are not close to a top-12 roster in this league, and they’ve only really got two pieces they can really move. You’re not going to move LeBron. He’s still great and can sell tickets, but to get this roster right you need to make BIG trades. This is not a tweak, this is a full demolition. This is not a little paint in the bathroom, it’s tearing it down to the studs. There are two players to trade— one is obvious, Russell Westbrook, and the other is too, Anthony Davis, but Lakers fans don’t want to admit it. MOVE HIM. Westbrook has an expiring contract, that is very attractive, and AD has size, can defend at the rim, is athletic, and gives you 20 a night, that’s very attractive. Like every other thing the Lakers do, they try to fool the league. They tried to fool it with Westbrook and should have made the Westbrook deal [Westbrook + picks for Myles Turner and Buddy Hield], which was a ‘done deal’ and they didn’t do it. They wanted to get greedy and they thought there was a future. Part of being a great business is identifying what you’re NOT, not just what you are. The Lakers are NOT talented. LeBron can work with new stuff but he can’t work with people that aren’t good and can’t shoot. You could blow this thing up before the trade deadline and LeBron could figure out a way to make it work in 15 games.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the 0-4 Lakers need to already pull the plug on their miserable season and tear down their entire roster all the way down to the studs.

Check out the segment above as Colin details what the Lakers should do to reload, as Colin believes there is a contingency plan that could keep them afloat.

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