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Doug Gottlieb Says He Doesn't Accept Kyrie Irving's Apology

Doug Gottlieb: “Kyrie Irving has played his last game as a member of the Brooklyn Nets. Kyrie Irving has been a pain in the ass everywhere he has been. Crazy talented and bright enough, but sometimes the curse of intelligence is you think you know everything, or you think you can outsmart everyone in the room, and that’s really what he’s guilty of. He didn’t want to apologize because… I don’t know why he didn’t want to apologize. But he finally did, and only apologized after the suspension which was handed down. Here is the question: is the apology accepted? I value you guys’ opinions [talking to the crew of his show], he did not offend you, but I actually in this case he did. On some level, this is about anti-Semitism and spreading lies, but we have other people in government, in TV, in radio who have spread lies. These are really, really dangerous ones. To me, apology not accepted. I’m someone who is never offended, literally. I don’t get offended. I understand there are Jewish jokes, I don’t sit there and go ‘hey man, I’m Jewish, you wanna joke around, aight, we’re good.’ Some people think I don’t have enough empathy. I think I do, I have the proper amount. In this particular one, hey dude, apology is not accepted. You had a whole week. Previously to the suspension, Adam Silver came out of hiding, wherever he was in his New York office, and decided to not speak on it, and it’s like ‘hey, I want to meet with him, but there has not been an apology yet.’ That was his way of going ‘hey, dude, just apologize and we will get this thing cleaned up’, AND HE WOULDN’T DO IT! And now after being suspended? No, dude, apology not accepted, and I think Joe Tsai has had enough, and that’s why that sentence was put in there: ‘He is not fit to be a Brooklyn Net.’ If he apologized a week ago none of this would have ever happened.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t think Kyrie Irving will play for the Brooklyn Nets ever again after Irving’s name has been dragged through the mud all week for re-tweeting a link to a documentary on Amazon that many have called ‘anti-Semitic.’

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb details why he’s not accepting Irving’s apology, which came nearly a week after the controversy had already materialized and drawn consensus condemnation, as Doug thinks Irving only apologized to appease his indefinite suspension from the Nets.

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