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Jason Whitlock Calls Out Media For Treating Kyrie Irving Like 'Kunta Kinte'

Jason Whitlock: “This Kanye and Kyrie Irving conversation has worn me out. I’m blown away at the people that don’t get, don’t recognize, won’t confront what is going on with Kyrie Irving and Kayne West, and how dissent is being silenced. The man has been suspended five games by the Brooklyn Nets. I’m looking at people all across the corporate media space defend this suspension for a man tweeting out a graphic, he didn’t put a word to it, he just tweeted out a graphic. He’s being suspended five games without pay and we’re good with this?? Virtually nobody is standing up and objecting? When you put that out with no comment and basically you’re saying this exists and ‘I find it interesting’, I don’t know if he thought he was courting danger. When he didn’t take the vaccine, I think he was courting danger. Kyrie is getting suspended for five games unpaid. They’re reaching into this man’s pocket and taking a million or two dollars from him if it goes five games, I don’t know what he gets paid per game but it’s probably a significant amount. Their union has said nothing. They have Tamika Tremaglio as the director, some ‘yassss queen’ female director of their union and they’re weak. They’re bending over and rolling over as one of their members gets steamrolled. There is no unity in the NBA, there is union in the NBA, there is a bunch of sheep being led around. These guys are too young and they make too much money. They have no common sense and no backbone. There is no way any union should be allowing one of its members and one of its employees to get treated the way Kyrie is without uttering a word in his defense. I feel sorry for the guy, he’s surrounded by a group of cowards who won’t get in the foxhole with him. NBA and NFL players are letting these billionaires [say] — “OK, we’ll let you finance your social justice initiatives but when we say ‘jump’, you better say ‘HOW HIGH, MASSA!?’, and that’s what they’re learning right now. It’s not about the doc, it’s about a message that the NBA has been sitting on, NFL owners have been sitting on, ‘you players are running wild, you think you’re in control of this’ and they’re letting Kyrie and everybody else in professional sports know, ‘No, WE run this. We’ve built a nice little mouse trap for you here, and that you’ve taken the cheese we control and own you.’ I’m looking at the overseers, it’s their job to remind them [the players]… This movie ain’t done no harm to nobody. It’s a bad movie, it’s boring, it’s not compelling, it put me to sleep, and I had to put toothpicks in my eyes to continue watching it. Everybody knows it, it’s a scam they’re running.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock call out the ‘cowards’ in the mainstream media and the NBA Players Association who publicly placed Kyrie Irving into their crosshairs this past week after Irving re-tweeted a link to a controversial documentary on Amazon that many have labeled ‘anti-Semitic.’

Check out the segment above as Whitlock compares Irving to ‘Kunta Kinte’, a character from the novel ‘Roots’ who represented a West African man who was enslaved and taken to America in the late 1700s.

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