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Jason Whitlock Explains the Real Reason Why He Left ESPN

Jason Whitlock: “When ESPN ran me out of there that was them sending out a bat signal of ‘men with balls aren’t welcome. We don’t want any real men, we want feminized men.' I was the intellectual backbone for masculine men at ESPN, that’s what I represented. They ran me off and said ‘No guys, you see Bomani Jones, Howard Bryant, these feminized men, that’s our blueprint, that’s the kind of masculine energy we want coming from these guys that are highly feminized and have a matriarchal point of view and are basically ‘yasss queens’ themselves.' What Jalen Rose doesn’t understand, Jay Williams, Kendrick Perkins – and I’m not beating up these guys – but what all these guys don’t understand is they can’t be themselves without someone like me that’s able to argue down and stand toe-to-toe with all these Ivy League educated executives they’ve got, and all the other feminists they got running around there. I’m not scared of none of them because I know the truth is on my side and I know how to articulate it -- these athletes don’t. They need to be backed up by someone with a pair, and what they’re finding out is like, Stephen A. Smith’s pair ain’t big enough, he’s not smart enough to stand toe-to-toe with these guys. He can occasionally put a Malika Andrews, a child, in her place, but for the long haul, for the real fight with the executives, and all the feminists running wild, and the feminized male executives they got running around there— they’re not smart enough. Dave Roberts, who is the executive backing Stephen A. Smith; he’s not smart enough. I’m not trying to pick on any of these guys, I’m just telling you the facts. They don’t have anybody on the inside that can back them up intellectually and explain these situations to them, and for them on the air that would give them the room to be real men. So now Jay Williams understands that, he went to Duke, he’s actually a pretty smart guy, and that’s why he's taking to social media, and maybe like you said [co-host Steve Kim], he’s ready to get out of ESPN and is ready to draw a line in the sand with them. Eventually, and it may take some time, but the rest of them are going to grow a pair too and say ‘this check is good, but Lord have mercy, I can’t wear this skirt comfortably, I’m going to leave that to Bomani and Howard Bryant.'” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless explain the ‘real reason’ he left ESPN, as Whitlock discusses the fallout from the Kyrie Irving saga, which has seen a handful of major media personalities reluctantly try to defend Irving in the face of a massive onslaught of condemnation.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks ESPN’s Jay Williams took to his personal social media page last week to present a near-5-minute monologue opening up about the hypocrisy of Irving’s railroading compared to other controversies in the same realm.

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