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Colin Cowherd: Why the 8-0 Eagles Will be One-and-Done in the Playoffs

Colin Cowherd: “Philadelphia is the last unbeaten team in the NFL. We do this over and over again, we fall in love with regular seasons. But we know this to be true— regular season NFL is different from playoff NFL. The pressure is different, the experience is difference, the intensity is different, the weather is different, but we fall for it, and everybody now is into Philadelphia. I was reading a story this morning where an NFL executive in the NFC said ‘I could see the Eagles being a one-and-done, they haven’t gone 15 rounds with anybody, are they battle-tested’? Let’s look at all sports: the Dodgers this year not only had the best regular season record, they had a run differential of +334, one of the most dominant regular season teams in baseball history. Couldn’t get out of the first round. All the pressure was on the Dodgers and they didn’t deal with it. Let’s look at last year’s Suns: eight games better than the second-best team, whacked by underdog Dallas in the second round. 2018-2019 Tampa Bay Lightning, one of the best regular season teams of all time were swept in round one. 2019 Baltimore Ravens, 14-2, Lamar won MVP— could not win a playoff game. Why? Playoff games are always close. Secondly, the pressure is always overwhelmingly on favored teams, especially if they’re undefeated, record-setting, and dominate the sport. I went and looked at a list of the final undefeated teams in the NFL from 2006 to today, and many lost in the Wild Card Round. Some didn’t even make the playoffs. I had to go to 2006 to find the Peyton Manning Colts for the last undefeated team left standing (9-0) to win the Super Bowl. Everybody knows there’s the regular season and then there’s the postseason. Everything changes. Kyle Shanahan against Nick Sirianni, who is your pick? Jalen Hurts against Brady, who is your pick? It’s not that I don’t like Philadelphia but dominating regular season can create overconfidence and apathy. In the NFL a lot of times it’s about who they played. They play Minnesota in Philadelphia, and the Cowboys and Cooper Rush in Philadelphia. They’ve dominated bad teams. They have earned the right to be called the number one team but we have history and recent history, and nobody would dispute that dominating regular season teams, it doesn’t mean anything in the NFL. Even home-field advantage. Last year the Titans and Packers had home-field advantage and a bye and both lost. It is a different game with different weather and different pressure.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he wouldn’t be surprised if the undefeated 8-0 Philadelphia Eagles turn into another colossal one-and-done underachiever come playoff time, as Colin says the most dominant regular season teams across sports in recent memory have an infamous history of choking come playoff time.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Eagles could simply be regular-season dominators who turn into pumpkins once the pressure mounts.

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