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Jason Whitlock: Kyrie Irving Saga Proves LeBron Would've Hated Muhammad Ali

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Jason Whitlock: “Black Lives Matter's 'revolutionaries' piling on suspended basketball star Kyrie Irving have something in common with Ben Shapiro. They all hate, or would hate Malcolm X or Muhammad Ali. Stephen A. Smith, Jemele Hill, LeBron James— these people justifying the persecution of Irving over a harmless and boring documentary would all want to silence and de-platform Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali in the 1960s. X and Ali, the highest profile members of Elijah Muhammad’s Nation of Islam religious sect, boldly and clearly complained about an unhealthy relationship and power dynamic between Black communities and Jewish business owners… Ben Shapiro’s distaste for X and Ali would make perfect sense, and would not be driven by bigotry. Shapiro values Israel above free speech, and the wildly popular podcaster loathes to take any risk that could get him and The Daily Wire crossways with the global corporations. The ultra-Black Lives Matter revolutionaries piling on Kyrie Irving have something in common with Ben Shapiro. What is the real agenda of the ‘de-platformers’? What unites them? Love of power and money. Power and money are their true gods. Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali were in constant demand at radio and TV stations, college campuses, and wherever truth was explored, but fear rules secular societies. Fear is at the root of the reaction to Kyrie Irving and Kanye West. The ultra-BLM revolutionaries and ex-jocks turned broadcasters such as Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, and Reggie Miller fear losing their high-paying jobs. ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a for-profit shtick, and we know that now that we learned how the movement’s founders spent the $100 million raised. The reaction to West and Irving demonstrates how members of the Black media and celebrity elite line their bank accounts by pretending to be friends of the revolution. What West and Irving said about Jewish people pales in comparison to the rhetoric of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. It’s not in the same galaxy. Irving released a tweet of a graphic of a documentary that was released in 2018 based on a book that was published in 2014. In took eight years before anyone realized ‘Hebrews to Negroes’ posed an existential threat to the Jewish community? Irving’s retweet of the doc is more harmful than Amazon hosting it? The overreaction is illogical. The Black elites lining up to condemn Kyrie’s unmasked their real revolutionary mission…they speak for the corporate elite. Ben Shapiro and the ultra-BLM revolutionaries like LeBron James, Stephen A. Smith, and Jemele Hill don’t want to get crossways with global corporations and jeopardize their power and the money that comes along with it. The ultra-BLM revolutionaries are paid to make you believe that real racism is BYU students shouting at a Black Duke volleyball player, or that 10 questionable police shootings involving career criminals is a bigger problem than thousands of Black men and boys killed by gang violence. It’s a very profitable scam, but the deception should be obvious now in the aftermath of the Nets suspending Kyrie for a tweet. The revolutionaries spit on his freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They co-signed his canceling and would do the exact same thing to Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. LeBron and Stephen A. are cowards afraid of jeopardizing their money. I want LeBron to admit that money is his God. We celebrated Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X and they got to enjoy religious freedom and say whatever they thought without people running around like cowards ‘OH, MY GOD, THIS DOC IS SO HURTFUL AND DAMAGING, AND I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY SAID THIS!’ If you offer any criticism of Jewish people it’s a bridge too far. Ali and X could do it and everyone could pretend like they loved them and they were great, but not you guys, not this generation. [KYRIE] HASN’T EVEN SAID ANYTHING CLOSE TO WHAT THESE GUYS SAID. This is a power grab and a money grab. It’s a gimmick and it’s completely obvious… LeBron James and all these clowns I’m seeing condemning Kyrie Irving would HATE Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X, but they swear they’re the most pro-Black, revolutionary, ‘bout that life’ people on earth. It’s all a scam for money. It infuriates me that we can’t see that the sacrificing of Kyrie’s religious freedom eventually is going to cost all of us our religious freedoms. Right now it’s Kyrie and he’s a ‘Black Hebrew Israelite’ and these thoughts are out of bounds… Well, the next revelation is going to be ‘Jason Whitlock and that King James bible, THOSE thoughts are out of bounds.’ How can people not see this?” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out LeBron James and other media elites for their calculated admonishing of Kyrie Irving this past week, as Whitlock isn’t buying the fake outrage to Irving's controversial retweet as anything more than a ‘money grab’ meant to protect their brands.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why LeBron would have hated individuals like Muhammad Ali or Malcolm X who actually spoke their minds while going up against heavily fortified public groupthink.

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