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Jason Whitlock: The NBA Owes Kyrie Irving an Apology

Jason Whitlock: “I wish they would all just admit it— Adam Silver, Roger Goodell, Phil Knight, the executives running the TV networks that are in bed with the NBA, NFL, Major League Baseball, and the National Hockey League… Professional sports are hostile towards religious faith. JUST ADMIT IT, GUYS. The widespread, orchestrated rebuke of Kyrie Irving has nothing to do with anti-Semitism, and everything to do with removing faith and God from sports. Admit it, you will never convince me or rational people that the controversy that sidelined Irving’s 2022 basketball season is about a 2018 documentary. Neither is it about Irving’s assumed position on the true origins of Black Americans. ‘Hebrews to Negroes’, the so-called sequel to Adolf Hitler’s manifesto ‘Mein Kampf’ is too confusing, too boring, and too dated to justify the relentless public trashing of Irving and his reputation. The flogging on Kyrie is a message to athletes that their multi-million dollar paychecks are dependent on their willingness to serve money above God. The sports world no longer tolerates legitimate religious faith. Faith made Muhammad Ali refuse military induction. Faith compelled Martin Luther King Jr. to demand equal rights. Faith motivated White men to sacrifice their lives in the Civil War for the freedom of Black people. People of faith cannot be controlled. We live in a time where the elites seek unprecedented control of the American people. They wanna tell us when we can worship, what experimental medical trials we should take, when we should wear a mask, which politician is okay to support, and what is okay for us to think. Kyrie Irving’s religious faith no matter how misguided makes him impossible to control. He wouldn’t take the vaccine and missed a considerable portion of the season because of that decision. He’s refusing to grovel and fully beg for forgiveness for a thought crime allegedly committed against Jewish people. Irving’s mind is ‘diseased’ with religious courage, and professional sports cannot tolerate that. The NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB climbed into partnership with the secular left, Black Lives Matter, and the other descendants of Karl Marx. The secular left, the true bigots recognize that religious faith is what made America great and granted all of this country’s citizens freedom and opportunity. The proponents of Marxism and its system of governance – communism and socialism – are systematically detaching all American institutions from religious faith to stop the rise of another Muhammad Ali or Martin Luther King. Professional sports, like all of corporate America, have been radically changed. Religious beliefs are seen as ‘transphobic’, ‘homophobic’, and ‘racist.’ Kyrie’s form of religious conviction is ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘dangerous’. Irving tweeted an image of a four-year-old documentary and is on a two-week trial for ‘anti-Semitism.’ Adam Silver, the Jewish commissioner of the NBA, told the New York Times on Thursday that he found Irving ‘not guilty’ of anti-Semitism. You might wrongly conclude that Silver’s verdict is a positive step… It’s not. The public announcement to the New York Times is justification of the kangaroo court proceedings that just transpired. The NBA owes Irving an apology and the money they stole from him during his 5-game suspension. The league owes punitive damages for the smearing of Irving’s reputation, which caused Nike to end its relationship with Irving. Had the NBA ignored the harmless tweet, America would have continued to ignore the four-year-old documentary. Instead, Adam Silver and the Brooklyn Nets stirred more racial animus.”

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why the thinks Adam Silver and the Brooklyn Nets violated Kyrie Irving’s religious freedom by suspending him for a tweet he shared last month that Whitlock called 'harmless.'

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks the NBA owes Irving an apology and punitive damages for their bulldozing of his reputation.

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