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'Justin Fields Can't Throw': Ex-Player Says Bears Need a New Quarterback

LeSean McCoy: “I don’t wanna say I’m hating but I gotta be honest, and I’m being serious, the problem with this team [the Bears]; they can run the ball well, they have some pretty good running backs, Montgomery is a baller, and Herbert is a baller too... The problem is if you can’t run the ball and you make him [Justin Fields] throw? That’s the issue. Now all the play-action, and taking these shots deep, or the zone fakes with the tight end selling back and then he’s wide open— when you can’t do that, when you can’t run the ball, he looks like picks and 1-6 in 7 games, that’s what he looks like when they can’t run the ball. Everybody says ‘OH MAN, GIVE HIM SOME WEAPONS!’ But I’m thinking as a wide receiver, like if I’m Mooney, or I’m Claypool, I’m like ‘what about us??’ Why can’t they say ‘GET US A QUARTERBACK.’ Every time he’s on TV ya’ll are saying ‘GET JUSTIN FIELDS SOME WEAPONS!’ and we’re weapons, and it’s like we can catch, we can run routes, HE can’t throw. ‘GET US A QUARTERBACK.’ [Joy Taylor: ‘I don’t think they’re number one receivers.’] I don’t think he’s a number one quarterback. If I’m a wide receiver and I’m supposed to be this ‘weapon’, what wide receiver would go play with Justin Fields?? You’d have to pay him every dollar in the whole franchise. Tyreek Hill, Cooper Kupp, Davante Adams, they don’t want to play with Justin Fields. A top guy in college, he’d love to be drafted because he’s going to the NFL, but he’s not hyped to go play with Justin Fields. He can’t throw! I want to go play with a quarterback who can throw the ball. So the same way you guys are saying ‘give him some help’, the wide receivers are like ‘we need help!’ We need someone who can get us the ball.’ That’s just the truth of it.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch LeSean McCoy explain why he thinks the Chicago Bears need to focus on getting their quarterback right rather than surrounding second-year quarterback Justin Fields with ‘weapons’, arguing that no talented wide receiver would want to play with a guy who ‘can’t throw’ like Fields.

Check out the segment above as well as the video below as McCoy, a former All-Pro running back, details why Fields is not the guy in Chicago despite his imposing rushing stats.

Here was McCoy's take on Chicago drafting another quarterback:

“Bears fans, he’s [Justin Fields] only thrown the ball over 20 yards once this whole year. If you want to win, you keep talking about putting pieces around him— the real piece should be this… Go out there and get a quarterback. Obviously you’re going to have a first round draft pick, go get one of those young boys coming out, Ohio State, Alabama, there is a couple guys. Go out there and get you a quarterback and then you add pieces around HIM, a guy who can throw the ball, please. If you want to win in this game you’re quarterback can’t keep running around like this, he’s going to get hurt. I played with a guy named Michael Vick. Michael Vick could throw the ball but when he would run a lot he would get nicks: hand, shoulder, his rib. So let’s stop running as much and throwing. If not, he’s young, fast, and elusive, but the injuries start adding up. Bears fans don’t kill me, go get you a quarterback.” (Full Segment Above)

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