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Colin Cowherd Says this Team is the Best Fit For Aaron Rodgers Next Season

Photo: Dylan Buell

Colin Cowherd: “My guess is that Aaron is not going to retire for two reasons… He can make another $100 million, and Tom Brady retired. Do you really want to share the podium in Canton with Tom Brady?? Aaron Rodgers to the Jets gets a lot of talk but Aaron is smart enough… That’s a wobbly ownership, you’ve got a coach who has got to win or he’s fired, it’s a bunch of young kids, bad o-line...but Aaron to the Raiders? It’s West Coast, Davante Adams, great weapons, offensive head coach with a ring, and I think privately Green Bay looks at the Raiders and thinks ‘We’re sending him to the AFC.’ Whereas the Bills feel like they’re declining, the Patriots don’t have weapons, who knows about Tua’s health – you could see Aaron Rodgers winning that division if he went to the Jets. But if you put him into the Mahomes, Sean Payton/Russell Wilson, and Justin Herbert division, I think privately that’s where Green Bay would LOVE to send Aaron Rodgers. That is a GREAT division. You’ve got coaching and star quarterbacks. Josh McDaniels is telling Mark Davis ‘Sean Payton is going to fix Russell Wilson, Justin Herbert now has Kellen Moore, and there’s Pat Mahomes… We gotta go BIG here.’ Davante Adams is also in Mark Davis’ ear, he doesn’t want to play with Jarrett Stidham. Who are the two people in Mark Davis’ ear? He’s been influenced before by guys like Jon Gruden. The two people in his ear are his coach and his star player both saying ‘GET AARON RODGERS.’” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Aaron Rodgers’ NFL future and explain why he doesn’t think Rodgers will retire.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he believes the Las Vegas Raiders would make the best trade suitor for the Packers.

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