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Colin Cowherd: Dak Prescott Single-Handedly Costs the Cowboys Wins

Colin Cowherd: “So the headline from Peter King is ‘Brock Purdy Over Dak Prescott if I Was Starting a New Team’… WHOA!! But think about this – I'm not sure everybody quite grasps what an expensive quarterback does to your team. Think about this, Aaron Rodgers is great, Matt LaFleur is very good, the division is wonky, their o-line is rated top 5-6 in the league, but because of Aaron's cap hit they didn't make the playoffs. If Dak was the quarterback of the Niners today Deebo Samuel's new contract would not happen, he'd be playing somewhere else, and you could not sign Nick Bosa, the Defensive Player of the Year many presume to a new deal. You'd have to move off George Kittle and probably Trent Williams. You would not have the same team. Kirk Cousins, the number three quarterback cap hit this year— the Vikings had the 31st ranked defense, they couldn't afford good defensive players. Ryan Tannehill was the number one cap hit. Think about this— Tannehill is more than capable. Vrabel is a great coach, defense was fantastic, weak division, excellent run game, and they could not make the playoffs. Dak Prescott's contract starting next year he is the number two cap hit in the league at quarterback. Forget the Zeke contract, at least Dak is good, Zeke is a short yardage back. Dak now is getting in the way of wins. Folks, they were 4-1 with Cooper Rush. Dak is better than Cooper but the gap wasn't Josh Allen to Colt McCoy. It wasn't Patrick Mahomes to Chad Henne. The ‘gap’ is Dak is better than Cooper Rush and Dak I think is better than Brock Purdy, but you watched the game and the gap wasn't that large. They're both mobile but not Lamar Jackson, they both have solid arms, but neither is Justin Herbert or Mahomes. There is an argument the Cowboys best year to win was this year. I think Brian Daboll is going to get Daniel Jones probably another receiver, center, tight end, Giants are probably a more talented unit next year. This was the year to get the Giants. Philadelphia is not going anywhere, they're not paying Jalen Hurts yet, they're just getting more confident, and they have 17 players who are either Pro Bowlers or alternates. Washington's going to get a new owner. There's lots of rumors who would be the coach but regardless of who it is they'll have more stability and probably go heavy for Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo. The Cowboys need to dip into that Salvation Army bucket on the sidelines for a loan. Think about how bad the division mostly is in the AFC South, how good the defense is for the Titans, how good the coach is, how good the run game is, and they couldn't make the playoffs. The Vikings had the worst defense, Kirk Cousins a top three cap hit. Matt LaFleur, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones, iffy division, great o-line, went 8-9. Sometimes things sound outrageous but when Peter King said that and you examine it – if Dak was the quarterback of the Niners today Deebo Samuel's gone, and if you're signing Bosa you gotta move off George Kittle and probably one of your linebackers. You're suddenly not the same team. Kansas City, once they paid Patrick Mahomes had to get rid of Tyreek Hill who's a match-up nightmare, and Ward, the corner who's now a Pro Bowl level player for the Niners on the outside. It's not the craziest thing to say. It would be with a Herbert, or a Mahomes, or maybe a Jalen Hurts. When Hurts plays Brock Purdy this weekend we may see a sizable gap in talent, that's different . I watched Dak and Purdy and I didn't see it. Good arms, not great. mobile, not spectacular. Accurate…mostly? Dak was less effective.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Dak Prescott’s future with the Dallas Cowboys, as Colin explains why he thinks Dak heavily limits what the Cowboys are capable of, not only with his steep cap hit, but his limited talent.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the fate of the Cowboys might be a foreboding one.

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