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Colin Cowherd Warns Sean Payton About Taking Broncos Job: 'I'd Pass'


Colin Cowherd: “I have been told that the Broncos have made a decision— they want Sean Payton, and Russell Wilson has told the Broncos owners that he wants Sean Payton. Here’s something that Sean Payton needs to think about: with Daniel Jones there are some limitations, but they’re ‘football’ limitations. You know what you have and it’s right in front of you. But with Russell Wilson it’s self-awareness issues, trying to simultaneous be a football star while elevating Ciara’s career issues. There’s the isolation issues from teammates. He’s got his own office, that’s an issue, and his own chiropractor I’m told, that’s an issue. A lot of this stuff is personality, emotional, family stuff. That’s way harder. The ‘football stuff’ is not as difficult. I’m a Russell Wilson fan but wasn’t it a little bit of an eye opener when he left the Seahawks and former teammates used words like ‘fake’, ‘isolated’, and ‘not approachable'? There are so many things to like about this, and they’d probably pay upwards of $25 million for Sean Payton, but I think I’d pass. All the great quarterbacks have an ‘approachable’ feel, kind of relatable, one of the guys, go out drinking on a Tuesday night, you could put your arms around them… That’s like the opposite of what you’re hearing from former Seahawks and some current Broncos about Russell Wilson. You gotta be a unifier, ‘one of us’, relatable, approachable, can’t have your own doctor, chiropractor, and therapist. I’ve looked at quarterbacks who have had their careers implode – Kyler Murray, Jay Cutler, Jeff George, Baker Mayfield, Zach Wilson, an older Aaron, an older Russell Wilson – it was personal stuff, not ‘football stuff’. There’s a lot to love about the roster but sometimes it’s easier to just have football stuff to deal with, not ‘personality stuff’ [with Russell Wilson]. If I’m Sean Payton, $25 million is a lot of money, but I think I’d pass.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the rumors of Sean Payton’s name being linked to the Denver Broncos head coaching job, and make the case to why Payton should actually reject any offers to the talented group ready to win now.

Check out the segment above as Colin warns Payton about taking on the impossible task of coaching Russell Wilson.

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