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Jason Whitlock Blasts Domonique Foxworth's 'Stupid' Damar Hamlin Comments

Domonique Foxworth : “Y'all don't give a damn about us, for real. That's where it really pisses me off. Everyone's up in arms and everyone's like grandstanding to a degree about how much you care about these players, and how much you are praying for them, but football's not going to go away nor do I want it to go away. It's far too lucrative and people love it too much, including the players. But what I would hope is that away from moments like this you remember that these things can happen. So again, as a former Union president, when we are fighting in the CBA for financial opportunities, or for health and safety considerations, don't call us greedy. There is no cap to the amount of risk that the players are taking. There IS a salary cap on the amount for players, and so there's a cap to the amount of risk. I don't mean any disrespect to Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones, Shad Khan, Clark Hunt, or any of the owners of teams, like they deserve to make a ton of money, cool, knock yourself out, but there's a cap to the amount of risk that they are taking when they show up to the games on Sunday. The worst thing that can happen to them is they're going to lose a football game. There is no cap to the amount of risk that the players are taking to entertain us and to make a lot of money. So like I understand that maybe it makes people uncomfortable for me to be talking about salary caps this morning but I always go back to that because the small percentage of the players who play professional football that make an amount of money that is life-changing, they ALL deserve it.”

Jason Whitlock: “These comments are stupid, outrageous, clearly uninformed, and they're worthy of rebuke instantaneously right there from Mike Greenberg or anybody sitting at that desk with a brain that actually understands sports. This is my problem with ESPN, It's not smart enough, and it doesn't understand the sports world. It's not nimble, it can't think on its feet, it can't put these emotional athletes with their agendas in their proper perspective. It's like Domonique Foxworth is the authority and there's no one sitting at that desk smart enough to say ‘Hey, Domonique, there's no cap on these 18, 19, 20-year-old men and women to join the military and risk their lives defending this country. There's a cap on how much money they can make and it's around $60,000-$70,000 a year. You guys are earning millions, you're taking far less risk than them and you're not even valuable in a real way to this country. You entertain us playing a game. Police officers, there's no limit, there's no cap on the risk that they take. Many of them make between $70,000-$100,000 a year, not millions of dollars like athletes. This is a joke, man, get some reality about you. Get some life perspective. You're lucky enough, and born with enough talent to play in the NFL and earn a bunch of money. Don't try to sit there and pretend like you're some of the most heroic and exploited people in the world, and no one loves you or cares about you. We got people spitting on police officers, we got people running military people and Navy SEALS out of the military because they don't want to take a vaccine. You want to talk about people getting mistreated and abused and taken for granted and not properly respected, it's NOT professional football players. It's NOT professional athletes, we put them on a pedestal, we treat them like kings and queens from nearly birth, from childhood before they ever make it to the pros, and this guy…?? Someone needed to push back. It's fine for him to have that opinion, but to have ESPN, the alleged worldwide leader in sports, the largest platform in sports, allow this type of idiocy to be stated unchecked— it's just wrong. For people to walk away from that comment, ‘yeah, he made a good point, yeah, these NFL owners, they need to pay these guys more money…’, this is just wrong and so stupid, and it's disappointing nearly every time I turn on ESPN. I just see people abusing the sport, abusing the audience, abusing America, and looking for their inner victimhood. Everybody's a victim. Now, Domonique Foxworth is a victim, and then at the end of the day— he doesn't care about Damar Hamlin, he cares about money.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out ESPN NFL analyst Domonique Foxworth for ‘stupid’ comments Foxworth made regarding Damar Hamlin’s injury, and the need for NFL players to have increased financial leverage over the owners.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock explains why Foxworth’s ‘uniformed’ monologue is self-serving, and one that simply tries to paint current and former pampered millionaire NFL players as ‘victims'.

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