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Doug Gottlieb Wonders if Lamar Jackson is 'Proving a Point' Missing Games

Doug Gottlieb: “I've never, nor would I ever accuse him, he's not faking an injury, he hurt his knee, but if you've listened to any of the press conferences involving John Harbaugh, they sound like weird answers. Weird answers to very normal questions. Harbaugh was asked if Lamar would be ready to play for the playoffs and he gave not just a ‘NO’ answer, but like ‘hey I'm not even gonna talk about it’, like what? That felt off to me. Coaches always go like ‘no one wants to play more than Lamar Jackson, Lamar Jackson is the leader of our team..’ like there was nothing. It's a little bit odd. Then you factor in that this is essentially what Richard Sherman said he should do. Richard Sherman on Amazon said like ‘if I'm Lamar Jackson I shut it down. I don't have a contract extension, I don't put myself out there in harm's way, no thanks’. I think he plays in the playoffs because dude’s a competitor, he's the leader of the team, and he wants a gigantic contract, he's not going to do it till he's completely right, but could he play? How many games has he missed? Five games? And no update? No ‘hey man nobody's working harder, nobody wants it more’, none of that?? That seems weird, seems very, very weird. I just I look at it and I say is it reasonable to believe that Lamar Jackson is dragging this thing out because he's making a point? ‘You're not willing to give me a contract extension??’ They HAVE offered him a gigantic contract just not fully guaranteed $250 million+. You could sit there and go I'm not going to play, but like they own your rights. So when you're done at the end of this year they can franchise tag you, and then they can do it again next year, and then they can actually transition tag you the following year if they wanted to. I've seen it on TV and heard it on radio, enough people saying like 'why did he even play in training camp?', 'why did he get it dressed for the start of the season?' like his leverage was not playing and withholding services to get the contract he wanted it. Then Richard Sherman on Amazon when Lamar went down said like 'hey, I'd shut it down, I got no contract extension'... Guys don't just come up with this stuff, that's when you talk to enough people." (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb question whether Lamar Jackson’s ongoing absence has more to do with the former MVP unable to negotiate a fully guaranteed contract with the Baltimore Ravens, than it actually has to do Lamar being physically unable to return to action.

Check out the segment above as Gottlieb expands on his previous discussion about Jackson being ‘hurt’, but not actually ‘injured’, adding that it seems like Jackson may be trying to ‘prove a point’, by not willing to return to a Ravens team that has obviously wilted the last month without him.

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