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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 17

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 teams in the NFL after a Week 17 in which Tom Brady and the Bucs clinched the NFC South with another miracle fourth quarter comeback, the Giants locked down their first playoff berth since 2016 after demolishing the Colts, the Eagles once again failed to clinch homefield advantage without Jalen Hurts, the Niners won a shockingly thrilling OT game over Jarrett Stidham and the feisty Raiders, the Packers annihilated the Vikings to put themselves one win away from clinching the playoffs, the Steelers pulled off another impressive victory to pull Mike Tomlin closer to extending his consecutive winning seasons streak, Geno Smith knocked his former teammates in New York out of the playoff hunt, and Monday Night Football saw one of the scariest moments in league history with Damar Hamlin's on-field cardiac episode.

Here are Colin’s Week 17 Herd Hierarchy Rankings as follows:

10. Vikings (12-4) [Last Week: 7] "They are an atrocious defensive team."
9. Packers (8-8) [Last Week: 10] "Obviously they blew the Vikings out but there are Sundays where you get blow outs."
8. Chargers (10-6) [Last Week: 9] "They're getting healthy, Joey Bosa is returning. Their defense has 14 sacks in their last three games."
7. Jaguars (8-8) [Last Week: 8] "Four-game winning streak, Trevor Lawrence since Week 9 is the best quarterback in the NFL."
6. Eagles (13-3) [Last Week: 6] "They're 0-2 without Jalen Hurts, that shows you his importance. They're getting banged up on the d-line and at tight end."
5. Cowboys (12-4) [Last Week: 5] "They're 8-2 since Dak returned. There's a certain way the Cowboys have to play. Dak has to be complementary and the running has to be humming."
4. Bills (12-3) [Last Week: 4] "They make mistakes in the red zone. I've often compared them to Mike Tyson-- not much of a jab but knockout power."
3. Chiefs (13-3) [Last Week:2] "They're the no. 1 scoring offense. It does feel they're still figuring out the receiving game in the offense."
2. 49ers (12-4) [Last Week: 3] "They're overpowering. If you watch the Niners play, visually they look like the team with the most great players."
1. Bengals (11-4) [Last Week: 1] "Not only are they winning but they're great against the spread because we don't respect them like we should, largely because they don't have a lot of big name defensive players."

Dropped from rankings: None

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